• Muse - Showbiz

    Dez 28 2006, 6h40

    I FINALLY got my hands on a copy of Muse's first album, Showbiz. The whole album is amazing, particularly how it starts--with Sunburnand Muscle Museum. They are both deliciously wonderful songs with that little hint of bitterness which gives it extra kick. At the mo' I'm listening to Unintended on repeat... at first, it didn't appeal a lot to me, because of the intro mostly, but the raw sadness really touches me. The video is lovely too, young Muse members being all sad... Matt's miming/lip-syncing could use some work, but he looks very fit anyways... :p Anyways, all in all, I LOVE this album. Just goes to prove my theory the early muse=good muse. I mean, all muse is good muse. But I love the raw, emotional quality of the young Matthew Bellamy's voice.

    Finally, I give you... Unintended. Definetly worth a watch!