Time for a meme, I think. [Updated!]


Jun 18 2008, 14h44

1.Sigur Rós
First heard: Hoppípolla
Fell in love with: Hoppípolla
Current favorite: Ágætis byrjun

2. Eels
First heard: Eyes Down
Fell in love with: My Beloved Monster
Current favorite: Mr. E's Beautiful Blues

3. Gorillaz
First heard: Clint Eastwood
First heard: Clint Eastwood
First heard: Stop The Dams

4. Reel Big Fish
First heard: Take On Me
Fell in love with: Beer
Current favorite: None, I don't like 'em any more.

5. Born Ruffians
First heard: Hummingbird
Fell in love with: Hummingbird
Current favorite: Little Garçon

6. Boards of Canada
First heard: Peacock Tail
Fell in love with: Peacock Tail
Current favorite: Constants Are Changing

7. Turin Brakes
First heard: Ether Song
Fell in love with: Ether Song
Current favorite: Ether Song (The only one of their songs I still like)

8. Monty Python
First heard: Too long ago to remember.
Fell in love with: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
Current favorite: Meaning Of Life

9. The Futureheads
First heard: Decent Days And Nights
Fell in love with: Broke Up The Time
Current favorite: Broke Up The Time

10. The Chemical Brothers
First heard: Galvanise
Fell in love with: The Big Jump
Current favorite: Where Do I Begin


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