Streetpunk Aesthetics

[ Hadcore Punk / Pop Punk / Skate Punk / Noisecore ] Now is the future! Speech is mightier than the sword: by yourself, and talking, to fight for a better future.

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Dinner Muzak

[ Nu Jazz / Atmospheric Drum'n'bass / Abstract Hip-hop ] You can listen to a guest for dinner when you have something. You, I rolled the urge to count the music to this concept of time and minor...

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Apex Recordings, Bodyshock, and Cluster

Two of the wonkiest techno labels from the UK

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It growls!!!

[ Neurofunk / Darkstep / Darkcore / Noisy drum'n'bass in general ] To beat a powerful and strong baseline is: Be careful, if you use a dog to eat and burn the house barbecue sauce you they are not...

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Freaky breaks - Filthy freaky breaks!

[ Big Beat / Nu Skool Breaks ] Beats and the speaker feel dirty groove to break his rhythm and hit hard.

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Cyberpunk Aesthetics

[ Schranz / Swechno / J-Tech ] The future is now! The machine can tame anything that conquered the world, their music creates a hacker some hasty!

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Flying Drones

[Drone Ambient] Music for meditation, the Lord. Is calm and peaceful, in most cases, the play was all quiet, the silence will break something. It's like a musical diet: Blood lead surveillance drone.

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Liberté, Egalité, Hardcoré

[ Hardcore Techno / Gabber / Frenchcore (Electronic) ] I bet this is the stuff Zinedine Zidane listens to.

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Acid Techno / Acid Trance / Wonkiest tunes ever

[ Acid Techno / Acid Trance / British Techno ] This is a little playlist of some of the "Stand Up Forever" Collective, which is characteristic of my favorite songs (and I include a different...

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La Maison Française du Fromage!

[French House / Electro House] Now, robots and France? Sometimes I suddenly Bon vivants culture and how does it complete the way like a robot or android. Is it because of Daft Punk? Age 90, it is...

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[ That weird blend of ambient and idm found in Japan ] Rerax!

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Angry Germans

[ Neue Deutsche Härte / Digital Hardcore ] Eins, Zwei, Drei, Fear!!! Note: Not everyone here is German, but I just couldn't be arsed to put them elsewhere.

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Freaky Unicorns - Freaky Filthy Unicorns!

[ NRG / Hard House / Hardstyle / Epic Trance ] Supersaw rich. Uplifting melodies and hypnotic beats and angelic voices, can be filled with music of heaven transformer heartbeat.

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