Rediscovering Baxter and finding


Dez 9 2006, 0h24

I found the old CD of Baxter whilst rummaging among my PC games and decided to pop it into the CD player to have a listen.

Turns out that I still love the soothing voice of Nina Ramsby and especially in the drum & bass/trip hop enviroment of Baxter's first album. It's just the sort of mellow music that I enjoy listening and relaxing to.

I went Googling to see if I could find more music in which Nina Ramsby have been collaborating and I found a very informative fansite.

I also discovered that Baxter indeed has released a second album called "About This". It's supposedly not as good as their debut album, but there are a couple good tunes in there and one in particular is supposedly up to the old magic, called "My Day". It would be nice to get a hold of the 2 disc special edition, but I guess it's really hard to find.

Anyway as I was Googling for Baxter I came across Last fm and I found this list of similar artists and it was like WOW!, the list had like 70% of artists in this genre that I really like. I suppose the remaining 30% are similar great artists too and I look forward to discovering new cool music with the help of you all.

Hopefully I might be of some use to someone too :p

Well anyways, I decided to sign up and from what I've seen so far I don't think I'll regret it! :)



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