• Runaway from hell nurses!

    Ago 18 2006, 1h31

    [track]R.F.H.N. is a skanky hypno-horror groove. Slather even more Hoodoo on that fucker & it'd be perfect. Leo, you need to do an online radio thing...I know I'd listen. You've got a rare vibe going...don't stop[/track]

    By wire&wood (
  • Welcome to Madcat Leo's plantation!

    Mar 30 2006, 0h31

    Born in cotton plantation, live in crossroad junction...From planet Catom, arrived to Earth in 1999, Madcat Leo and his friend Rafael Probst fight to open humanity head to respect all forms of sound in Universe. Songs made in junction farm's old house, in old trash gears. After a lot of badass shows in deep deep South America, the guys and hundred latex groupies run to take their grammy awards! Madcat Leo, King of Doom Jazz, now for you all!

    To seek varied observations of quotidian, fuse them together, and bring the future of expression and artistic intepretation to the present moment is a feature of avant-gard art.

    This what Madcat Leo makes in his creations: art and reality around him are read back and reconstructed according to composer's perception and performances.

    Madcat Leo's experimental music mixes fragments of different musical styles, which can take us from blues to metal, going through Afro-Brazilian beats, to avant-garde's musique concrète, in a transgressive reading of the modern world. It goes far beyond human's vision of the world, but holds in itself the fitting - so many times imprecise - of the man in the world, or among his similars, in his environment of out of it. In the end, sounds - rearranjed and revisited by the musician's sight -, make complete pictures of a reality, even if crazy and chaotic, that's drawn for much far from the artist.