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Nov 5 2009, 16h06

Please note straight up, if anyone reads this, it's no so much bitching about the album, as much as it is what I'd pick as my favourite/best songs.

Just read a track listing, and heard their new song, for the Foo Fighters greatest hits album. Here is a listing:

1. "All My Life"
2. "Best of You"
3. "Everlong"
4. "The Pretender"
5. "My Hero"
6. "Learn to Fly"
7. "Times Like These"
8. "Monkey Wrench"
9. "Big Me"
10. "Breakout"
11. "Long Road to Ruin"
12. "This Is a Call"
13. "Skin and Bones"
14. "Wheels"
15. "Word Forward"
16. "Everlong" (Acoustic version)

I've heard the new song Wheels, and it just doesn't grab me. It just seems like the typical "chuck on a couple of new songs so people will buy it or at least not complain about not getting anything new" that's come into vogue in the last 5? 10? years.

When the new songs are something like Real Love or Free as a Bird then yeah, it's cool, but a middling, generic new track? No thanks.

It doesn't include Stacked Actors or Generator. I can only put those down to it being Australian-only singles, and perhaps not as widely known in the Foo Fighter fandom. Stacked Actors is I think their heaviest song (at least until The Pretender came out)

They probably missed out because of the 2 new songs, and the extra version of Everlong.

It's more a "singles" collection than a real attempt to find their best, greatest songs.

Times Like These isn't a great song, and neither is All My Life. I'd probably only have one of those on a real greatest hits album, One By One was their weakest album in my opinion. I'd probably keep Times Like These because Monkey Wrench, The Pretender are better "heavy rock" than All My Life.

Skin And Bones is only really there because it's the title track off the acoustic album.

Similar with Long Road To Ruin, it's the 2nd single off ESPG but it's not an especially great song either. The Pretender I can accept, because it's one of their better hard rock songs and I believe the biggest success of the post-Nothing Left To Lose period. To pick a 2nd song from that album, I'd choose Stranger Things Have Happened.

If I had to choose 16 songs. I'd pick:

1 This Is a Call (Foo Fighters)
2 Big Me (Foo Fighters)
3 Monkey Wrench (The Colour and the Shape)
4 My Hero (The Colour and the Shape)
5 Everlong (The Colour and the Shape)
6 Walking After You (X-Files Movie Soundtrack version)
7 Baker Street (The Colour and the Shape)
8 Stacked Actors (There Is Nothing Left to Lose)
9 Breakout (There Is Nothing Left to Lose)
10 Generator (There Is Nothing Left to Lose)
11 Learn to Fly (There Is Nothing Left to Lose)
12 M.I.A. (There Is Nothing Left to Lose)
13 Times Like These (One by One)
14 The Pretender (Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace)
15 Stranger Things Have Happened (Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace)
16 Virginia Moon (In Your Honor)

Close, but no cigar:
I'll Stick Around
Next Year
Cold Day in the Sun

Although the reason for some of those is basically you can't really put the entire There Is Nothing Left to Lose album onto a greatest hits cd.

I short, I think they could have got away with a double album, included their big radio hits from every album, and still snuck in all their best, lesser known tracks.
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  • kidlukinhas

    Very nice guy. But some news out of an interview of Dave talking about the Greatest Hits was too hasty, he said that music was much better to put. He must then deal with Sony that was already picking on them 4 years to make the Greatest Hits.

    Nov 6 2009, 0h56
  • The-Old

    Read Dave's story in the booklet as well.

    Nov 7 2009, 13h54
  • MusicalDisorder

    What about In Your Honor or X-static? I would at least have added them to my list! D: I'll agree with you when it comes to the album itself though. Several songs I'd rather see on it, than those that's already there.

    Dez 11 2009, 15h00
  • Thomse_BER

    Although this entry is somewhat old already, I just have to put in my 2 cents: Something people don't get tired about is to tell they would like to have other songs on a Greatest Hits album. They don't get the difference between 'Greatest Hits' and 'Best Of'... A Greatest Hits will ALWAYS be kinda singles collection as HITS are being measured by sold units and airplay time and therefore are supported by facts. BEST OF albums are another story, as they contain songs which not necessarily have been available as single. This of course is something offering a base for discussion... I don't mean to be offensive, but I had to get this monkey off my back...

    Jan 11 2012, 8h36
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