• I hate the show "American Idol "

    Jul 11 2008, 20h04

    "American Idol" is just a Fabricated kiddidie crap 15 mins of fame 1 cd and the label drops you garbage show.Check the talentless garbage judges. A british stuck up bag of wind.Who think hes some kind talent expert.Then you have a washed up 80's star who loves younger boys. Whos either drunk or high on prescription drugs.And of course you have a sessions bass player (He plays an ok bass.)Who thinks he knows a great voice when he sees one.LOL Dude you don't even sing yourself ?LOL Plus,you were in Journey for 2 years(Played on the cd "Raised on Radio).Check out the fruity boys & bimbos who think there going to hit the big time.LOL A studio audience full of MILF & Big Shot dads who want there little johnny or jenny going to hit the big pay day. Its just a big hot air ballon full talentless crap.