Albums I feel guilty for getting before their release


Nov 15 2006, 23h27

The Shins - Wincing the Night Away (God its beautul, not as good as Oh, Inverted World or Chutes too Narrow yet, but beautiful nonetheless)

Damien Rice - 9
I mean its no O but its incredible as well...except the song where he (attempts to) cathartically say "Fuck You!"

Bloc Party - Weekend in the City
Oh man its the freaking shit...i love it and im definately buying it when i comes out...Silent Alarm was incredible and so is this


  • hrohner

    wincing the night away is beyond amazing it blows me away where did you get leaks of the other two?

    Nov 15 2006, 23h35
  • MMay7190 webboard if you want them ill try and find the links and send them to ya yeah i love the shins, saw them live, it was incredible.

    Nov 15 2006, 23h39
  • Lumos_Solem

    I would be very interested to know where you got your hands on Bloc Party. But I agree with you on Wincing The Night away. It's brilliant but it aint no Oh, Inverted World.

    Nov 16 2006, 17h10
  • MMay7190

    i got it off the board, and if you want it id be happy to either find the link or upload myself

    Nov 16 2006, 20h33
  • Xylemicarious

    Would it be possible for you to hook me up with Wincing the Night Away? I'd be happy to exchange it for something, of course.

    Nov 16 2006, 20h58
  • MMay7190

    sure ill upload/find dont have to exchange, but what do you got?

    Nov 16 2006, 21h22
  • MMay7190

    yeah wincing the night away is definately awesome...bloc party is killer though, ot quite silent alarm yet but amazing none the less... a site that searches the internet for stuff posted on a large amount of upload places like... megaupload sendspace rapidshare and like 5-7 others

    Nov 17 2006, 20h29
  • Pigalle

    Both 9 and A Weekend in the City made me disappointed. Perhaps I need more time.

    Nov 18 2006, 14h13
  • MMay7190

    yeah 9 is definately disappointing and I love damien rice and O, so its not coming from someone who's only heard a little or no O. and A Weekend In The City is incredible but because Silent Alarm is in my top 10 favorite albums (probably top 3) its hard to live up to that

    Nov 18 2006, 16h19
  • SimonStanier

    The Decemberists - Crane Wife These people are indie gods, and criminally underrated in england. But what can I do if they put it back by a year? Bloody monkeys...

    Nov 18 2006, 19h48
  • MMay7190

    The Decemberists are incredible and I didn't know that was the case in england. thats a real shame. you mean they pushed the english release of the crane wife back a year? that's rediculous, i think you got to find a way of getting it because it is extremely good. It's part the TAIN, part picaqesque, part her majesty, part castaways, and part five songs. it might not be there best, but its sure close.

    Nov 18 2006, 20h00
  • MMay7190

    oh i see what you meant...yeah i got that one early too, i forgot...i felt very guilty for that one too

    Nov 18 2006, 20h03
  • aelmore

    I just got the new Deerhoof album Friend Opportunity, and it's really awesome, but it's not coming out until 2007, and I feel bad, but not enough to stop listening to it.

    Nov 23 2006, 4h25
  • MMay7190

    yeah, ive been meaning to listen to some deerhoof...ive been told id like them. yeah same here, i feel guilty about the three albums but like you said, not enough to stop listening.

    Nov 23 2006, 5h26
  • Fthesurface

    lol i actually have to say the air force, cause it was leaked like crazy. but then i went out and bought it cause im a good boy.

    Dez 1 2006, 22h22
  • MMay7190

    yeah that albums sick, if i was into them when it came out id up feel guilty for that one too cause id be all over it. xiu xiu is incredible.

    Dez 2 2006, 4h27
  • MMay7190

    O amazing and from what i heard of 9 its very not saying i wont like, ill probably love it, its just i dont think anything that follows O could beat it. i still got to listen to whole thing.

    Dez 23 2006, 5h17
  • loveyourbuttons

    Hissing Fauna, are You the Destroyer?---Of Montreal The Crane Wife---The Decemberists Let's Get Out of This Country---Camera Obscura

    Jan 21 2007, 0h24
  • loveyourbuttons

    Hissing Fauna, are You the Destroyer?---Of Montreal The Crane Wife---The Decemberists Let's Get Out of This Country---Camera Obscura

    Jan 21 2007, 0h25
  • MMay7190

    recent feelings of guilt: Of Montreal - Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer Explosions in the Sky - All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Some Loud Thunder Air - Pocket Symphony Do Make Say Think - You, You're A History in Rust Eluvium - COPIA feelings of guilt i want to have: arcade fire - neon bible (who doesnt) modest mouse - we were dead before the ship even sank bright eyes - four winds ep bright eyes - cassadaga the good life - (untitled) not known yet aqualung - memory man dinosaur jr is supposedly making a new album, as is coldplay

    Jan 21 2007, 5h29
  • wordsandsounds

    If it is guilt you feel, why don't you buy the offical releases then and support these artists? People who claim to love msuicians and artists and then don't support them are fans they can do without.

    Fev 28 2007, 15h55
  • MMay7190

    oh, no worries i went out and bought the bloc party, of montreal, the shins, and damien rice. i pre-ordered the arcade fire and am probably gonna get the explosions and eluvium this weekend. when the others come out ill buy them too. i agree, i think that you should buy stuff you like cause even if the label gets a lot of that its still good to make sure the artist still has enough to keep making records.

    Mar 3 2007, 16h25
  • jessegrn

    i just downloaded 'dear god, i hate myself' but i can't bring myself to listen to it. it's just sitting in my itunes, mocking me. what should i do?

    Jan 15 2010, 7h07
  • simonebambury

    im just guilty.

    Fev 1 2010, 11h10
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