• observation

    Out 18 2011, 1h41

    I started liking Depeche Mode ~25% more after I got a girlfriend.

    makes sense.
  • Dream Machine upgraded!

    Set 30 2011, 23h18

    More synths. More yume nikki samples. GUITAR. YES!

  • new Yume Nikki remix

    Jun 2 2011, 19h14

    It's in youtube. And there's a download link there too.

  • The Earth Hour Project (free! 60 minute long MKDELTA/Vrum/Nescient split)

    Mar 26 2011, 13h34

    "Earth Hour is a global event organized by WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature, also known as World Wildlife Fund) and is held on the last Saturday of March annually, asking households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights and other electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change."

    MKDELTA, Vrum and Nescient from offer 60 minutes of music to listen in the dark with a portable mp3 player.

    MKDELTA - Society: A cross-genre adventure in 5 parts, all flowing together with endless permutations of repeating themes and elements, evolving from dark droning to cold and shimmering electronic rock. Somewhere between NIN's more athmospheric offerings and old european synth music. There's both mindless monotony and desire to sort things out to be found in the world as there is in this song. Human are connected in the causal relationships of their actions, but can they act together? And will knowing this change anything without the desire to help? These questions are left unanswered as the song heads towards more introspective territory and then finishes with an explosive ending. After the percussive mauling of Part 5 we're sent to the night as the splits ambient offerings begin...

    Vrum - FFFFFF: Airy ambient music featuring some treated real instruments, levitating somewhere between Ulver and post-rock stretched into eternity. Vrum handles the balance between repetion on mutation very nicely, and some quite tribal drumming is dropped in towards the end. Evokes mental images that are simultaneously modern, timeless and ancient. #FFFFFF is the hexadecimal code for white color, perhaps implying that there's much light to be found even when the electric lights go out.

    Nescient - The Grid Fell Silent: Dark ambient which effectively evokes it's electric themes with various sounds, evolving from near silence to crystalline droning towards the end. The Grid Fell Silent has an excelent "arch of drama" and attention to small details. Low key hissing noises, bells and athmospheric sounds appear on the way towards completion, but never fully steal the attention from the main structure. A well-crafted ambient piece offering a very strong mood and theme.

    Even if you are not interested in the Earth Hour at all, this is still worth checking out.

    Get the music from here or from mediafire
  • Dreams are rather amusing

    Fev 20 2011, 12h03

    Last night I listened to Synergy - Live in Europe. Then I had a dream where Eskil of Covenant was singing Wall of Noise in a white room with very thick walls. The walls had three rectangular openings in an asymmetric pattern and I could see some kind of an arena-like place outside. Eskil was holding a microphone so I thought he was singing to a nonexistent crowd outside. I think I was supposed to interview him but decided against it.

    I also dreamt that I was going to visit my grandparents with my father. Towns and cities kept changing into other places on the fly. There was a town near my town in the dream. It had almost inexistent population but extensive services. I've dreamt of something like that several times before.

    There were also people who accidentaly had acquired supernatural powers from alien sources. A teenager was holding his school as hostage and the place was stuck in a perpetual time loop and it was always night. Suddenly I was there. Apparently common household technology and stuff like cellphones had remnants of alien technology in them and it could break down causality if one "understood" the technology in some special way.

    I had a cellphone that looked like a PSP and I realized that it had the same artifacts and apparently I understood it as I escaped the school and saw myself flying high above in the sky. Suddenly I was back at my room and I stared at the cellphone in disbelief. Then I dreamt of being in some kind of a workplace cafeteria and they were serving extremely strange food, like mashed potatoes and sausage with apricot mayonaise and tomatoes. No-one liked it.

    Then I woke up.
  • oh fuck

    Jan 28 2011, 19h16

    Well, one of the fuses in our house broke and we got a nice power surge. My computer won't start now and I haven't even gotten around checking if for example my fucking mixer isn't fried. also, I had not take bacups of some newer mkdelta tracks.

    I'm so fucking pissed off now, mostly at myself for being a lazy ass with backups right now. fuck.

    there might be still a way to recover the computer because it isn't completely fried

    I'm posting this from my parents old laptop I've been resusciating for the past 3 hours
  • Listening predictions for 2011

    Jan 25 2011, 15h44

    - NIN will dominate the charts, but the overall amount of annual plays will decline, maybe even sharply
    - overall top tracks will be nothing but Tarmvred and NIN soon
    - Ranks 2 to 9 will probably remain about the same, a congested graveyard of ex-BESTEST THING EVER artists, I doubt Tarmvred will exceed Godflesh in plays even though I've been listening to it a bit more than usual
    - FLA might go past The Future Sound of London, depends a lot on whether I'll buy albums from either or not
    - Haujobb might go past MKDELTA in plays, I'd be more than happy if that happened
    - Nitzer Ebb might join the bloody battleground of 600-700 plays artists, all desperately wanting to make it to the top 15 before my interest vanes
    - I may have more spare time, thus more time and energy to check out new (to me) bands, which will likely reach anything between 10-800+ plays
    - I might finally bother to check out dem postrockadelics
    - I'm planning to buy some more Pan Sonic so it will get some extra plays
  • 808 Artists in total

    Dez 22 2010, 15h23

  • sometimes

    Dez 18 2010, 23h13

    I wonder if all those cool (ex-)underground artists would have belived that people like me would be listening to their stuff 30-20 years after they started their careers

    also 1,5 litres of beer.
  • Quiet Unrest EP out now

    Out 19 2010, 19h41

    Icy ambiences, grating beats and propulsive riffs'n'blips. The eclectic technoid sounds of Experiment are mixed with influences from 80's and early 90's electro-industrial and alternative rock such as industrial rock and shoegaze.

    Vast and detailed athmospheric sounds are stretched over crunchy drums and driving synth lines while MKALEPH's guitar bridges the ambient and rhythmic elements. MKDELTA's vocals provied the human contet of the sub-zero dystopia. The result is a well-balanced mix between more accessible elements and relentless soundscaping.

    Fragmenting sounds for fragmenting times.

    Avaible on radio and at Equal Dreams.

    You might also want to check out The Core and The Light which is a ~15 minute long preview of the EP.