Proud Parental Prattling


Fev 6 2009, 14h22

It can be fairly sick-making when parents extol the oh-so-wondrous exploits of their offspring, but I am now going to make an exception to my self-imposed rule.
Whilst in the car on the way to school this morning I happened to play Elastica by Elastica. Some way into the first track my 12 year old daughter picked up the case and glanced at the track listing on the back. She quickly put it back down with a disgruntled "Uhh?"
Imagining that she was going to make a scathing remark on my musical choice I asked her what the matter with it was.
"Nothing...." She replied " but isn't this a cover?"
I told her that no it wasn't, but maybe she had heard someone covering it.
"No" she insisted, "isn't it the one that goes "I am the fly. I am the fly"

And that is exactly the same conclusion that Wire themselves came to when they made an out of court settlement with Elastica for Line Up's potential plagiarism of I Am The Fly. Also included on the album is Connection which was cited as being more than similar to Wire's Three Girl Rhumba.
Incidentally the case is documented in The Dandy Warhols' track Welcome To The Monkey House, with the opening lines "Wire is coming back again, Elastica got sued by them".

Ah the intricate web of pop music.

Who says that the kids of today know nothing?


  • LynchRose

    Brilliant! I dont parentally prattle either but my 12 year old discovered Fleet Foxes bloody ages ago...

    Fev 13 2009, 15h56
  • LustrousChemist

    Excellent taste! I'm always surprised at what my daughter picks up on from the music I play. It is never the obvious stuff. I'm always concious of wanting her to hear stuff but without pedagogical right and wrongs. Her music needs to be hers (which of course it will be no matter what!).

    Fev 14 2009, 11h30
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