Primordial Stew

A present for my cousin Jem

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Danger Blossoms: July 15th

My radio show. Special animalistic edition!

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Danger Blossoms: July 8th

My radio show. Started a little late this time.

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Danger Blossoms: May 20th

My radio show. Two unlisted tracks: Seth Chatfield's "Masks", right before Soft Machine, and " Fantazoom" by People Falling, between Kraftwerk and Hakim Bey.

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Danger Blossoms: May 27th

My radio show. Unlisted track: "Red Beans & Writhe" by La Guapa Papa, right after "Dammit, Janet!".

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Danger Blossoms: June 10th

My radio show.

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Danger Blossoms: June 17th

My radio show. Two tracks not listed: "Ghost Stories" by my friend Joe McConaughy, between Miles and Van Dyke, and "Bobby Short, Wayne Shorter" by La Guapa Papa right after Annie Lennox.

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Danger Blossoms: June 24th

My radio show. One unlisted track: between Spoon and Sun Ra, I played a track named "Interludes" from a vinyl LP of kabuki music.

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Danger Blossoms: July 1st

My radio show. One unlisted track: right before Terry Riley, I played "Resisters" by Knifeman, starring my friend Luke Buckham.

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Alphabet Street

I started listening to music one day, noticed that the artist names were starting to form the alphabet, and decide to just run with it. I've modified it a bit since my initial choices, and might...

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