Vampire Weekend / Beach House / The Very Best @ The Hollywood Bowl


Set 27 2010, 6h31

Sun 26 Sep – Vampire Weekend

Wow. Who would have thought that a Malawian Electronic Dance duo, an indie dream/baroque pop band, and an indie worldbeat Upper West Side Soweto band would mesh so well together in one concert?

Fantastic. That is all I'll say.


  • mindbomb

    Vampire Weekend are the Police of the new Millenium.

    Set 27 2010, 18h45
  • wthnoemi

    it was so much fun. the only downside for me was the people behind us smoked A LOT of weed.

    Set 27 2010, 22h37
  • SillyMichelle

    Hearing I Think UR A Contra was.... swoontastic.

    Set 29 2010, 20h09
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