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A man who is indifferent to history is a man without hearing, without sight. Such a man can live, of course—but what a life? - Adolf Hitler.

QQ: DreadCheese (2598279340)
Skype: lorelonh
Steam: DreadCheese
MSN: lorlon@windowslive.com =/
MAL: http://myanimelist.net/profile/Dreadchie
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DreadCheese7
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DreadCheese

I'm always running into those click-bait sites filled with ads that give tips and the say you should keep this section short and avoid walls of text. Well, fuuuuuuck them, that's the reason enough to do exactly the opposite. :D

Nonesese: A monster, tragedy poet, and wanderer who walks under the rainbow in the rhythm of light. Off-key to the tune of life, broken rhyme in the humanity's epic, a misspelled law of the society, hardened sailor of the ocean of dreams, and a veteran of the mind versus soul war. :D

Maybe more sense:

Hello! <3 I'm a 23 years old Croatian male of mixed ancestry who hails from the town of Vukovar and usually wastes his time dealing with his university.

Although I now live in my far inland hometown, I grow up on the Adriatic coast and that has influenced my life more than anything else, I absolutely love sea and it's pains me to be this far from it now.

Despite my distrust for the selfish human nature, I tend to be positive and friendly to everyone! I'm rarely offended by anything, so feel free to interact with me in any way you want. :) I'm also the sort of person that has a million interests and usually has trouble focusing on just one, so any topic you bring is most welcome here. ^^ I like to thing that I'm empathetic and that I care the most for the things higher than just my own life, but I maybe don't act on it as often as I'd like, but hey, caring is the first step. xD

What do I look for in music? The answer to that keeps getting longer and more complex. At this point I just put any piece of artistic work in 1st place, and look at what it is trying to be and how it delivers that message and I try to find a way to enjoy it's approach, my wishes are pretty irrelevant. So as you can imagine, I listen to a wide variety of genres, from the softest sound to the harshest noise. xD Mostly rock genres, especially metal, but I'm not stranger to going out of that. Power metal, folk metal and black metal are probably my 3 fav metal genres, but I have band I love in almost every genre.

Other random facts:

>> Hugely into video gaming.
>> Highly spiritual but not at all a religious person.
>> Firm reincarnation believer
>> Biggest HNK Rijeka fan <3
>> Follows international and domestic politics
>> Student of History and English language and literature
>> Philosopher, dreamer, idealist
>> Treehugger and animal lover
>> Meteorology buff
>> Xenophile
>> Likes to write
>> Childish, playful, adventurous
>> Not afraid to show emotions and his weaknesses
>> Shedding a positive light on everything
And what not else...

Lists(Don't even dare to think any list of mine is in order unless I warn you xD)

Top 9 games&gaming franchises

1. Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
2. The Longest Journey franchise
3. Suikoden franchise
4. The Elder Scrolls franchise
5. Paradox grand strategies (Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings in particular)
6. Rome: Total War
7. Heroes of Might and Magic III
8. Age of Empires franchise
9. Football Manager franchise

Top 13 music artists

1. Ayreon
2. Elvenking
3. Theocracy
4. Agalloch
5. Freedom Call
6. Bal-Sagoth
7. Falkenbach
8. Ensiferum
9. Rhapsody
10. Warpaint
11. Sabaton
12. Turisas
13. Iron Maiden

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