Why so many plays???: Bands I like and Slow Songs


Abr 12 2007, 9h07

Why is it that out of all the bands I seem to like alot of my least favorite songs by them get consistently scrobbled high up in plays? Specifically the slower, non kick ass songs? Why? I don't get it? If you want slow music go listen to something slow? I know alot of the stuff I listen to tends to use experimental ambient stuff and what not but I mean honestly.

Lets take Deftones for example. Heres their top 10 songs in the last 6 months as of today:

1 Change (In the House of Flies)
2 Digital Bath
3 Minerva
4 Passenger
5 My Own Summer (Shove It)
6 Elite
7 Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
8 RX Queen
9 Feiticeira
10 Teenager

Ok, Change (In the House of Flies) is understandable; It was their hit single after all and was even the first I heard of them. Even I like that song alot. And though Im not a huge Digital Bath fan, I know that some others do like it. Honestly, its my least favorite song on White Pony, along with Elite which is 6th on this list. I dont really like Teenager either. Minerva is ok but it doesn't really deserve third. Not in the slightest. And Lets face the facts, Passenger is only that high because of Maynard. [track artist=Deftones]My Own Summer (Shove It)[/track is the first son up there I like alot. I also enjoy Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) and RX Queen alot as well. Feiticeira is good as well.

Not until looking farther down do we find the songs I really like:

The next few songs are all pretty good.[track artist=Deftones]Around the Fur[/track] is easily a classic. [track artist=Deftones]Korea[/track] is pretty amazing as well. One of the better tracks on White Pony. [track artist=Deftones]Pink Maggit[/track] in my opinion, is what [track artist=Pink Floyd]Another Brick In the Wall[/track] would sound like if Deftones made their own version. Its epic. Its deep. I love it.
[track artist=Deftones]Hexagram[/track] is severely underrated. And it would've been an amazing single if not for the "abrasive" vocals that Chino uses. And the chorus isn't the best ever either. But the verse, probably some of the deepest lyrics Ive ever heard. Another of my faves.

Now number 15. [track artist=Deftones]Lucky You[/track]. I don't even like that song in the slightest.

It seems most Deftones fans I happen upon are either big Adrenaline fans or they like the slow stuff. No one really seems to enjoy the songs I like the most as much as me. But, I guess thats the thing with the music I listen to. Everyone has their own flavor they like. My personal Deftones faves are [track artist=Deftones]Needles and Pins[/track](number 22), [track artist=Deftones]Lotion[/track](number 25), [track artist=Deftones]Dai the Flu(number 48; wtf!?! I love this song)[/track], [track artist=Deftones]Lovers[/track](not on here but thats reasonable. Its hard to find after all; but its god amazing. Idk how it went from being the title track on Deftones to not being on the album at all. Forever beyond my comprehension) and Im not going to bother naming more. Alot of the ones previously mentioned are faves. I just can't believe there isn't more from Around the Fur up higher. [track artist=Deftones]Lhabia[/track] is pretty kick ass. So is [track artist=Deftones]Mascara[/track](I know its slow, but I still like it). Honestly, I think Deftones could've been their best album if it would've had [track artist=Deftones]Lovers[/track] instead of [track artist=Deftones]When Girls Telephone Boys[/track] and maybe if the ending few songs would've kicked as much ass as Change (In the House of Flies) or [track artist=Deftones]Mascara[/track]. Actually, its only [track artist=Deftones]Anniversary of an Uninteresting Event[/track] I don't like. [track artist=Deftones]Moana[/track] is alright. At least Saturday Night Wrist is pretty amazing. alot of great songs. [track artist=Deftones]Rapture[/track], [track artist=Deftones]Beware[/track], [track artist=Deftones]Rats! Rats! Rats![/track], hell the whole album is good. Amazing. Theres only one track I don't really like nd if I say my least favorite track Im sure many many many people will disagree with me. It's [track artist=Deftones]Cherry Waves[/track]. I even like [track artist=Deftones]Mein[/track] better and that song is blandish and is only a single because of Serj. Anyways, enough about Deftones lets move on. To...

My Deftones Album ranking:
1 Around the Fur
2 White Pony (Close Second)
3 Deftones (because I love Hexagram, Needles and Pins, and afew others so much)
4 Saturday Night Wrist (It'll probably move up eventually maybe)
5 Adrenaline (Its still good, I'm just more of a fan of the other stuff; Bored, Root and Lifter kick it pretty hard)

Incubus. I only recently got into them. I was in the car and my friend was listening to Make Yourself and the whole thing is pretty amazing. From [track artist=Incubus]Privilege[/track] to [track artist=Incubus]Out From Under[/track]. The worst song on there IMO is probably either [track artist=Incubus]I Miss You[/track] and thats 6th(!) on their overall. Where the hell is Privilege?!(34) Out From Under?(31) How? Those two are my favorites. Sure, the three big singles are the highest up and [track artist=Incubus]Nowhere Fast[/track] isn't that low. Neither is [track artist=Deftones]The Warmth[/track]. Well, anyways, after I got Make Yourself I got Morning View soon after. At first I was majorly disappointed but it grew on me. I see this album as easily their second best. There's [track artist=Incubus]Nice to Know You[/track] and [track artist=Incubus]Under My Umbrella[/track] which basically save the day. I think [track artist=Incubus]Echo[/track] is pretty crappy. And I don't really like [track artist=Incubus]Mexico[/track] or [track artist=Incubus]Just a Phase[/track] either. Lo and behold those tracks are numbers 10,15, and 16 respectively. Then I was sent the other albums by a friend and boy was I surprised. The first two albums are too funky for me. Its like RHCP or Faith No More on acid. I read up about the band on Wikipedia after a while. I saw that they had fired their bassist. Dirk Lance. He was amazing. Probably one of my favorite bassists next to Tim Commerford (Rage Against the Machine) and Chi Cheng (Deftones). Those are some bassists right there. Seriously.

Anyways, so I was really really hesitant about A Crow Left of the Murder... and Light Grenades(I got into them afew months before it came out). To top it all off they replaced Dirk with a GUITARIST. Hell. Why not replace their drummer with a drum machine while theyre at it! Jeez...So this...Ben Kenney...this new Gui..err...bassist...((Guibassist))...I'm not too fond of him as of yet. I never liked [track artist=Incubus]Megalomaniac[/track] much. And the rest of the album isn't so amazing either. Ive been forcing myself to listen to it and the best Ive come up with is that [track artist=Incubus]Agoraphobia[/track] is ok. Thank god [track artist=Incubus]Anna Molly[/track] is amazing or I wouldn't have bothered checking out the new album. It's ok for now. I still need some more time with it and the first two to fully get a grip on them I guess. I just don't get why people like certain songs so much. Its beyond me. For my next band...

My Incubus album rating:
1 Make Yourself(far and away; In my top 10 albums ever)
2 Morning View a month ago I wouldve cried hysterically thinking this...
3,4,5 Not sure about these three yet: SCIENCE, Fungus Amongus, Light Grenades.
6 ACLOTM...has to be their worst. Please don't disappoint me further guys...

Chevelle. Ive liked these guys ever since I first heard of them right before their third album came out. They have the same problem as Deftones for me though. The final songs I tend not to like(track 11). Ok so, chronologically(I don't really like their first album much so i'm skipping it) the songs I don't really like are [track artist=Chevelle]One Lonely Visitor[/track], [track artist=Chevelle]Panic Prone[/track], [track artist=Chevelle]Bend the Bracket[/track] and thats it. Thank the gods that Vena Sera changed the thing with the final tracks. I swear if [track artist=Chevelle]Saturdays[/track] would've sucked I'd have been pissed. I'm also SO glad that Dean doesn't suck. Seriously. I was so afraid after they booted Joe. [track artist=Chevelle]Antisaint[/track] came on like nothing I ever expected from these guys. I love the new album. Its awesome. Least fave is: [track artist=Chevelle]Straight Jacket Fashion[/track], Its a bit too hardcore for me though, but what am I gonna do about it...[track artist=Chevelle]Saferwaters[/track] better be the next single after [track artist=Chevelle]The Fad[/track] (which is also good)

If I don't like the drums on a song I CANNOT like the song. Well known fact. Probably also why I don't like Punk music....

Anyways, back on topic. I know Chevelle's slow songs aren't so high up on the plays. Ok maybe they are but still. Thats not why I'm writing about them. I'm seeing them live on the 26th @ Seminole Hard Rock Casino (where the Anna Nicole recently perished) with Three Days Grace(Who's new album is very sub-par compared to their debut; [track artist=Three Days Grace]Animal I Have Become[/track] and [track artist=Three Days Grace]Pain[/track] really are the best songs, though [track artist=Three Days Grace]Time of Dying[/track] and [track artist=Three Days Grace]Riot[/track] are ok too; everything else is...you guessed it, slow. S-L-O-W-!). They're also playing with Buckcherry and Puddle of Mudd but I only know like 2 songs from each band and I wasn't overly impressed by either so yeah...

My Chevelle Album Rating:
1 Wonder What's Next
2-3 Its a toss up. Vena Sera is amazing but Idk if its better than This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In)
4 Point #1

I cant wait to see Chevelle. seriously. It had better be amazing. They better play [track artist=Chevelle]Comfortable Liar[/track] because its their best song. And they better play the mandatory hits as well...

P.S. If you actually read all of this, thanks for reading and being cool. And if you agree with what I say that makes you twice as cool. And even if you disagree, I respect that. Also if you commented me and were courteous enough not to be a dick about it that makes you twice as cool too. Thanks.


  • wumei

    I don't understand what people like about most of the Deftones Top10 either. But still, I would have to disagree with you. And that's why we all got our personal charts ;D

    Mai 1 2007, 23h54
  • blatblatscat

    I have had Deftones and White Pony for years, so I am kind of biased towards those two albums. However I recently bought Around The Fur and Saturday Night Wrist, and borrowed Adrenaline - completing the set. I think White Pony is my favourite, just because I have had it for so long and love every song (Feiticeira and Elite in particular, and Passenger too). Wrist really surprised me, really fucking cool, so that's a second. The other three are all interchangeable I guess. Some songs on Deftones are really catchy, but the album is a bit down-toned as a whole. Around The Fur is just classic. And Adrenaline is good in that it seems like one big song, however this lends toward it being a little repetitive. Go Deftones! Good to see someone into them so much.

    Mai 24 2007, 7h16
  • Iamstatichead

    Hey that's a pretty cool little breakdown ya got goin there.Im a big Deftones fan as well.The first songs I ever heard was my own summer and bored and then I heard change and some other songs off White Pony,which until recentely use to be my fav album.When I first heard Deftones I liked songs like change digital bath because they felt good.Noboby really sounded like that,it was new and fresh back then.Songs like rickets,lotion,ect and even some songs off white pony at first were to wild for me.I hadn't own a deftones cd.Then a friend gave me a copy of pony and I played the fuck out of it,there for making pony my fav for many years.Just recentely I got Around the fur and realized I have been missing out.I got the selftitled 'Deftones and I'm pretty sure on a whole that's my fav.I have a hard time saying this is #1 and this is #2.For me Deftones is all about the mood there music creates.I can understand how digtal bath is'nt your fav.But for me it was a song I used to relax to after work.Im a little older than you so maybe you can't relate.So that song would really do it for me but I would say it's not my fav song.Music is a free inturpatation everyones different. I play guitar since I was thirteen and now Im 37.I never played in a band but I have written songs.My point is fuck everone else you have to make yourself happy and fuck what other people think.Who cares how people rate songs by a band you like differentely than you do. You seem like a smart cool kid.go with what makes you happy and you can never go wrong.Anyways peace and longlive Deftones my brother.

    Mar 10 2008, 22h19
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