[108] Traffic - Traffic (1968)


Mar 27 2009, 17h33

Traffic - Traffic

Making my way through this list I listen very intensively to albums for a couple of days, and I must admit that of all the albums I liked until now, there are few I listened to again. (The Beatles, Otis Redding, Charles Mingus, Billie Holiday, Sam Cooke, Love, Bob Dylan, Fred Neil, The Velvet Underground and The Sonics are the exceptions I guess - not very much on 108 albums) It often happens I really like an album when I'm listening to it, but as soon as the next album in the list comes by, I forget about it again. This album will not be an exception: it is nice, fine music but will I listen to it again? I think not.

Traffic gives it their best though: they play a lot of instruments: guitars (of course), saxophone, flute, keyboard and yesyes even the hammond organ is back. Strangely enough this album didn't remind me at all of my dislike for the hammond organ and I really loved the sound of it. It is possible then!

The album starts with the best song "You Can All Join In" which is very promising: a happy 'you can all join in' song that sounds exciting. It gives the impression of this album containing some British happy music (not taking itself too seriously) but that quickly changes with the other songs. A shame really... but it's not that the other songs are bad.

In contrary, a melodramatic song like No Time To Live is another very good reason to give this album a try. It's got an ex-cel-lent piano (keyboard actually, but who cares) and does something with shivers and your spine.

Other nice songs? Feelin' Alright, one of the more happier songs (therefore of course covered by The Jackson 5)
You feelin' all right
I'm not feelin' too good myself
... really happy right
Don't Be Sad, a beautiful song with a nice saxophone, and Vagabond Virgin that reminds me a lot of Yeasayer, which is a good thing, and also features a more than excellent piano (/keyboard) part.

So so conclusion time. This album is definitely not a waste of time, although it takes some time to get into it. It has some very good songs of which two are excellent (You Can All Join In and No Time To Live). It could be lots worse.

(Nogeensherhalen: You Can All Join In, No Time To Live, Feelin' Alright, Vagabond Virgin)


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