And there is Red

The sweetest memories of all, courtesy of Red. “Play that loud man again Maman!” talking about Whoa is me. And forget it when A-Punk is on, we will have to play it non stop. Jump Rope is just about everything you want to say to your kid but the music fits her so completely and she loves singing and dancing to it. She was just amazed by the Weapon of choice video (he's flying!!). And she looooves Kung Fu. I’ll add to this playlist as time goes by..
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Faixa Duração
1 Louis ArmstrongWhat a Wonderful World 2:17
2 Vampire WeekendA-Punk 2:17
3 Down with WebsterWhoa Is Me 3:45
4 Blue OctoberJump Rope Loved track 3:20
5 Fatboy SlimWeapon Of Choice 4:44
6 Cee-LoKung Fu Fighting 2:30
7 blink-182Up All Night Loved track 3:20
8 System of a DownAerials Loved track 6:11
9 AnthraxAntisocial 4:24

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