& This September I'll Be 26 Years Old...


Out 4 2011, 22h54

Sat 24 Sep – Junior Boys, Young Galaxy
got Junior Boys tickets. my damn birthday present to myself. didn't care if i had to go by myself. i didn't. night of the show.caffeinate up. roll some Js. smoked with the buddy. ate my THCloadedTREAT.

waited. waited. amazed by the variety of folks. lights dim. rush forward. two people away from front. Young Galaxy crafts a fine set that builds to a rewarding conclusion. drummer has cats on her kit, killer drummer. edible is kicking in. wait. complain. whisper to buddy. snicker.

finally Junior boys! Jeremy's voice is even more impressive in person. dance. shuffle. yarg. drunk girl screaming in my ear. jesus christ shut up. dance. Teach Me How to Fight. girl next to me makes sure everyone knows she knows this song and we don't.their set is varied and well chosen. more loveliness. a trademark downer. sway. i want to hear Second Chance, they don't play it. dance. when Count Souvenirs kicks in i exhale thanks to the sonic gods.. mouthing the lyrics, never speaking over Jeremy. shuffle. sway. close my eyes. Junior boys wash over me. intense. happy. play their last song.

roar for encore. scream for encore. scream: get back out here & play Banana fucking Ripple. it's the only logical closer. the boys return. some indier-than-thou screams for "old stuff." Jeremy does extended intro into, what else(?), Banana Ripple. i lose my shit. space widens around me. my body moves. limbs sway in time. eyes close; stage lights forcing color through. i dance ecstatically through the 9 min song. Jeremy begins closing the song. noUnever noUnever noUnever noUnever noUnever. so much effort is put forth i swear his head's gonna explode. wave after sound wave reverberates on & through me. happiness floods the brain, fingers twitch & contentment spreads across the face. the beat stops, my chest feels empty when devoid of a bass line. the curtains close & I'm sad it's over but glad it happened. they play harry potter music as we exit. alright then.

light a smoke. jump in the car. head the beach. Santa Monica sand in my shoes. sitting on the lifeguard tower. waves crash & we talk about Junior Boys as we smoke the last J in the Kamel Red hardpack.

sonic bliss & neon endings
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  • Elmiembro

    woooowwww...Happy bday!!! loved reading.

    Out 5 2011, 16h09
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