Jul 30 2007, 19h35

OK, I finally gone and done it. All them excuses about how I'm broker than a super unlucky gambler on racing day, or living in Bulgaria, or whatnot, is over with. I only wish I had done it when the site was still an independent, cuddly little British upstart and not part of the Death Star, or CBS, or whatever.

I coughed up 21 green ones for seven months of Subscribaliciousness to LastFM!! Why? Do I care? Was it *really* because I think

is adorable?

Was it because I heard the song Big Indian for the first time in over a year and thought it was fab?

Was it because I didn't like that drab lil' grey icon next to my "name"?

OK I must confess: LastFM is my fave. It kicks the sorry asses of MySpace, all them blawggh sites, Flickr (I am not a very visually oriented chick, blind as a bat and WAY too lazy to upload), all the lovely products from those fine folks at the Goog (yeah even YouTube, see above), and errrr..... *koff* certain social networking sites we have known, loved, become sorely disillusioned with, etc.

I am in LOVE. Seven is my favourite number (well 27, but 27 months wasn't an option). Rawkin and rollin are the only things that make my life worth a shit. And so on, and so forth.

Anyway. Now I know when you've been loitering around my LastFM page. Don't be leaving ciggie butts around, and absolutely, positively, NO LOOGIE SPITTING!

It's been a Good Day. I'm on fiiiiiieeeeerrrrrrrrr!!


  • LinkaSofia

    p.s. LastFM honey, perhaps you shouldn't make it so damn OBSCURE how a person subscribes to your sweetly succulent ass? Like, WTF, every other site in the world BOMBARDS unpaid members with great HONKING links and buttons everywhere with info about how you can give them money and stuff, while I had to hunt around like a starving kitty in a mousetrap factory! Get with the programmmmmmmme my sweet lil' crumpets! (ok, so now you know my freakily unwarranted anglophilia is part of this whole deal...)

    Jul 30 2007, 19h39
  • hallion_the_red

    ANGLOPHILIA!!!!! WELCOME TO THE FOLD!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!! *busts a move*

    Jul 30 2007, 21h51
  • Evil-Chick

    'Sup subscriber buddy ;) ! To me a powerful reason to subscribe (besides the obvious wanting to support the site) was that I couldn't stand that depressing grey guy anymore. :x

    Jul 31 2007, 8h45
  • mdcweb

    oh dear girl! an addict you'll become 7 will turn to 14 will turn 21 will turn'll stalk your stalkers, and stalk the passersby and stalk a world made tiny through something called a taste-o-meter. don't know this through experience...I...uh..heard it on the radio. xx its summer Bitchin Camaro

    Jul 31 2007, 14h38
  • BringMeTheHeads

    Now I feel all left out for being poor and grey. I don't need no pro account to stalk people though.

    Ago 1 2007, 12h31
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