Forever And One (Neverland)


Ago 21 2008, 3h17

Forever and One (Neverland)

Helloween is one of these bands I can't say I'm a huge fan of, but I like them enough to enjoy most of their releases. Lately, a friend of mine lend me the latest album from Helloween's second singer : Michael Kiske. An album on which he covers, acoustically, some of their early songs when he sang with the band. From then on, I knew I had to listen to their full discography... The last album I heard from them was The Time Of The Oath.

Some people say they prefer the Michael Kiske era, I don't have a preference. So I rediscovered a lot of their good songs and enjoyed my favorites ones, once again: Eagle Fly Free, Your Turn, When The Sinner, In the Middle of a Heartbeat and Forever and One. I was not impressed by their later releases although I must admit to be quite fond of the last one, Gambling with the Devil.

Personal picks: Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II; Chameleon; Master Of The Rings.


  • Zughiaq

    Chameleon is a damn good album, though highly underrated. Many people will cry foul whenever someone says it's good, but just ignore them.

    Set 17 2009, 5h35
  • hammerstrikebg

    Helloween is one of my fav bands. They are awesome, I like all of their albums!

    Mai 1 2010, 10h55
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