Method Cell - Curse of a Modern Age | Fan Review


Set 3 2011, 17h38

Artist: Method Cell
Album: Curse of a Modern Age
Genre: Industrial/Synthcore
Label: Rebco Records
Released: 1st September 2010

Method Cell, the Synthcore duo from Nottingham, are going from strength to strength with their latest release Curse of a Modern Age following their earlier released EP, Scissors. The album boasts with 12 impressive tracks that never disappoint. Their work is contemporary and modern with a great unique sound that the Synthpop scene has been craving for. Compiling energetic synths and catchy beats whilst harmonising the strong vocal power matched with real meaningful lyrics you will find it almost impossible not to get up and dance along!

Every track provides an individual flair and really sets them apart, listening on a whole the album is dynamic and fluid getting more and more exciting with each new track. The first track on the album is "Push" which sets you up for the whole ride, slowly progressing with electronic sounds straight into the action! The lyrics and the way it is sang makes this one of the greater tracks of the album, dealing with the issues of everyday life surrounding work and routine in an almost depressing set "Another futile day marks a pointless week/ And tomorrow's just the same" but is broken with the motivational chorus, "Push, resist, you deserve better than this".

The second track "Call it Cutting" ascends into yet another exciting sound that is impossible to resist while bringing again more great lyrics referring to the likes of Dita Von Teese and even Primark. The third track is the title track of the album with yet more dominant power and setting the listener up for a more exciting journey.

The fourth track "Blame Me (The Curse pt 1)" plays seamlessly into the fifth "Shout Out (The Curse pt 1)" making one interesting listening experience which always leaves you wanting more, and you'll get just that, promising the most hyped track "Scissors" from their earlier EP just sets off that energetic and powerful sound. The rest of the album includes "Believe", "Conviction (Rush_v2)", "Drop Dead" and "Your Weakness" all great and never disappointing tracks!

Once Method Cell's 10 tracks are over, you're treated to 2 additional remixes of "Call it Cutting" and "Curse of a Modern Age". When the whole album is over you will be wanting to listen to it all again! And why not, it's a strong, hard hitting and powerful album without a dull moment.

Not only is their album consistent but their live performances too are spot on, bringing style and energy onto the stage. Touring with Combichrist in July this year and set to tour with Covenant this month, they're really going strong. Curse of a Modern Age is a must have for your CD collection if you're a fan of Synthpop and Industrial music or just getting into the scene!

Visit Method Cell at their site here:

-Liam Richards/LiamEbm posted on 3rd September 2011.


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