Little Miss Sunshine, Tha Fireman, & The Pied Piper of RnB (Weeklys May 21st to 27th)


Mai 28 2007, 18h10

Well since these are the main 3 artists I listened to this they the only ones that imma talk bout.

Rihanna (140 Plays):

I don't listen to a lot of female artists but theres something different bout Rihanna. She makes really really good music, her voice is crazy addicting. The new CD recently leaked and yeah its hella nice from beginning to end.

Umbrella and Hate That I Love You (Feat. Ne-Yo)(31 Plays each):

Both these tracks got the number one spot. I hadn't really hear umbrella till like a week or so ago so I guess I got hooked on it. I can see why people say Jay don't belong on the track, but it don't annoy me or anything lol. Anyways the beat and her lyrics definitely on point and the vid...amazing. Haha.
"Hate That I Love You", I probably had the first thought everyone else had..."Sexy Love Part 2???" because of the baseline and stuff. Well thats what I thought lol...but this Ne-Yo and Rihanna duet sounds damn good. Just a really really chill relaxing type of song...yap yap. Amazing basically.

Push Up On Me (17 Plays):

Really really up beat joint, definitely a club song. And another very addicting song haha, nothin more to say.

Shut Up & Drive (11 Plays):

Shut Up & Drive has a really rockish popish type of feel to it and I didn't think I wouldn't really like, but once again its all about Rihanna's voice on this and her lyrics of course. Really addicting song...0 to 60 in 3.5...damn lmao. Hot song tho. Love the metaphor.

Breakin Dishes (10 Plays):

This side of Rihanna I'm really feelin, I wasn't a huge fan of her past albums so I dunno if she's had a song like this before. I would say a good answer to this song would be Ne-Yo's "When You're Mad", you should get what I mean lol. Anyways love the attitude on this joint and with her voice its fuckin perfect haha.

"I'm roastin' marshmellows on the fiya, and what I'm burning is yo attire"

"I don't know who you think I am, but I really don't give a damn right now"

LMAO, those 2 parts always cracks me up, but yeah this track is niiiiiiiice. If I ever meet this girl imma have to be sure not to piss her off haha.

Lil Wayne(114 Plays):

Well I can never have a weeklys without Wayne being in the top 5 at least. So yeah...theres really only 3 songs that I really really listened to him by him so.......

Promise (22 Plays):

So yeah...da drought 3 shit still is the shit. I hate Promise...the original...but Wayne's version is mad nice and the way he left used Ciara's vocals on certain parts was nice as well.

Prostitute Flange (19 Plays):

When I first heard about this track I was reading that he sang it to Trina I was LMAO. But I dunno...maybe he really in love wit the hoe. She definitely gets around tho...but she do be havin Wayne's back on shit. He makes fucks up life decisions, but that not why I listen to him. His music is amazing. This song...I dunno why I like it so much lol. Or how it got so many plays. I think its that damn thing he uses on his voice, sounds a lot like that auto-tune thing T-Pain uses. Or is he just drunk and his voice came out like that??? LOL I dunno...

Ride 4 My Niggas (11 Plays):

One of my fav songs off Da Drought 3. He rips that Mr. Jones instrumental, soooo much better than Mike Jones version. It grew on me a lot lately and yeah shit is hot.

"im probably in the sky, flying with the fishes
or maybe in the ocean, swimming with the pidgeons
see my world is different, like dwayne wayne
and if you want trouble bitch i want the same thang "

man i love that shit, and if people didn't know dwayne wayne was an actor on a tv show called a different world :P. really simple rhymes but wayne makes them amazing...

R. Kelly (84 Plays):

Once again R. Kelly doesn't fail to deliver another amazing album. To me it sounds lot more influenced by hip-hop, Mister 60% RnB and 40 Hip-hop. Anyways Double Up is great from beginning to end so yeah imma stop talkin bout it cause i dont wanna write a review cuz thats not what I do. Now on to the tracks...

R. Kelly - Same Girl (Feat. Usher (7 Plays):

I've been hearing about this song for a while and didn't get around to hearing it till I got the album. It's a great song and all but so unrealistic lol. I just don't see two niggas singing bout meeting the same girl and falling in love wit the same girl. Anyways I really like storytelling type joints and this one is kinda like that. Keeps me hooked. Very interesting song.

R. Kelly - Hook It Up (Feat. Huey) (7 Plays):

Probably my favorite song off the album, since I'm A Flirt has been played to death. I really love the instrumental and hook on this. I've actually told a few of my friends this same exact thing haha. But the beat on this shit is knockin for realz. Hot joint. Kellz really wants to be a rapper haha. Mid life crisis ya dig???

R. Kelly - Real Talk (6 Plays):

Ooo man funny as hell. Almost every nigga has been in a situation like this, so yeah its easy to relate to. Got the chill instrumental in the background. It sounds more like a skit, but he rhymes a lil bit in it.

Did she say there were other guys there??? Did she say there were other guys there?!?!?!? DID SHE SAY THERE WERE OTHER GUYS THERE?!?!?!? ROFL, thats hella funny to me. This nigga cracks me up. Kinda reminds me of trapped in the closet a lil bit.

"What they eat don't make us shit!!" LMAO.

Other Mentions...

Gucci Mane (14 Plays):

Damn he stay on his grind even tho he kinda wack lol. I guess he really tryin to not be known as the person who beefed with Jeezy, cause thats how most of the rap world knows him. Anyways he always have some really nice beats tho and some okay hooks so I listen to him occasionally. He got a new mixtape out...some of the songs kinda old, but the majority are new to me. The only thing I remember tho from this whole mixtape is that annoying YEEAAAAHH he kept annoying. And now I can't stop saying it lol.

U.S.D.A. (13 Plays):

The United Streets Dope Boys Of America. Young Jeezy, Blood Raw, & Slick Pulla. Ever since "White Girl" I've been really waiting for their mixtape "Cold Summer" and its pretty damn good. Favorite track on it is Corporate Thuggin'. The beat on this shit is sooo nice, upbeat really good feelin. I've gotten kinda tired of White Girl so luckily the mixtape came out or I wouldn't been interested in em. Theres some really hot joints on here, but I really need to listen a bit more.

Canibus (7 Plays):

He's a lot lower on my charts...but I did listen to him a lot. It's just that damn Poet Laureate Infinity. Takes a whole damn hour to listen to it lol. And after like 30 mins you lose interest unless you a really big fan of Canibus. This shit is definitely amazing but a bit too much for me.


  • Levi0522

    man u say some ignorant shit lol...

    Jun 16 2007, 12h59
  • zyr12

    the only tracks im feeling on R.Kelly is Im a flirt remix and Double Up...

    Jun 17 2007, 18h52
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