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Ago 7 2007, 13h54

Recently looking through documents on my laptop I discovered this list of my favorite tracks of last year and the reasons why I felt that they were worthy of note:

Love And Longing - Stellastarr*
I ordered this album on import at the end of last year but seeing as it only got a UK release in January sometime then I’m including it. I as depressed quiet a lot at the beginning of te year and this was the perfect thing to listen to. I’m regretting not going to see them at the Leadmill

L. Wells - Franz Ferdinand
I love everything about this song and the video, it’s just superb. It felt like I was waiting forever for it to be released, it got put back about four times. Still it was well worth the wait. Sounds like Franz are going a little Britpop

All Too Human - The Rakes
I fell in love with these after seeing them in February and they (with this song in particular) soundtracked the beginning of my year.

Matchbox - The Kooks
Sadly the album hasn’t aged that well and there’s been some singles off it that are a bit naff and MOR, however I was listening to it a lot at the beginning of the year and it has been good to see them play both Fuzz and the Octagon within months of each other

Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
There are people who see this as boring mush. These people are wrong. Snow Patrol are a weird and amazing band. Tracy sent me this song before the album came out and it totally blew me away right from the start. I’m glad it’s become such a massive hit for them.

Girlfriend - The Darkness
One of the most important bands to my liking of music release their best song as a single. It charts lowly. The singer leaves because of drugs and we potentially lose one of the all time great British pop-rock bands.

Valentine - Delays
Best. Single. Of. The Year. If anyone wants to argue with me then they can bring it on!!! This should have been number one – with the right marketing it could have cornered the indie market, the pop market (I do remember seeing Delays on a kids TV before the first album (and the indie boom) took off) and the dance market.

Heat Dies Down - Kaiser Chiefs
I’ve not managed to get a hold of this future number one yet, needless to say, however, that T’Chiefs were amazing in Dublin and the new stuff sounds just as good as anything off ‘Employment’

Raoul - The Automatic
The chorus comes in about 45 seconds into the song. It’s so damn catchy and so damn ace! Seeing them play in the DVD section of Fopp was a fairly surreal moment.

Broke - Captain
The only single this year I’ve played as much as ‘Raoul’. Shame the album was a little disappointing though.

Suzie - Boy Kill Boy
I’m a sucker for a brilliant pop song and this has to rank alongside Girls Alouds’ ‘Biology’ and Delays ‘Valentine’ as underrated pop genius.

Monster - The Automatic
Yes, my catchphrase for a while was “What’s that coming over the hill”. I think I prefer ‘Raoul’ as a song but this is fucking ace too. Anthem of the summer for most people I’d imagine.

Pull Shapes - The Pipettes
One of my favourite bands of the year, and surprisingly ace live too. This song soundtracked my summer holiday, with it being on Radio 2’s A-list. Another song that should (and could) have been much bigger than it was. I also have a thing for Rose Pipette and got to meet them. SWISH!!

São Paulo - Guillemots
As much as I love love love ‘Trains To Brazil’ when I first heard this 12 minute epic whilst on holiday my jaw hit the floor. This band are something very special, the strings and such are mindblowing, as is Fyfe’s voice.

Here Comes the Rumour Mill - The Young Knives
Another one of my favourite new bands of the year. I’m gutted that I missed their Fuzz show. I bought this single on the off chance they were good – lo and behold they’re amazing. The fact that the front of their album has a picture of my hometown (Whittlesey) on the front is a massive bonus.

Running The World - Jarvis Cocker
“The cream cannot help but always rise up to the top, Well I say ‘Shit floats’” Well said by Jarvis. This is lyrically the highlight of the year and made me realise how much I actually do love Pulp. The fact that it’s swear-tastic (“Cunts are still running the world!”) of course helps. Jarvis is my God.

Knights of Cydonia - Muse
The best (but by no means my favourite) band in the world (ever?) make and amazing epic overblown prog song that makes ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ sound like a demo by Pete Doherty. World domination ensues. Everyone’s happy.

Creepin' Up The Backstairs - The Fratellis
This is an air guitar favourite of mine. It’s parent album is very good too. Rock ‘n’ roll the way it should be done.

Bones - The Killers
One of my favourite American bands return with a brilliant second album. I remember playing the whole album through twice with the girl I’d just spent the night with on the sofa. This is the highlight. Fantastic

I'm Not Sorry - The Pigeon Detectives
Great pop songs and a great rock ‘n’ roll attitude. I did monitors for them the second time they came through
Fuzz this year.

Somtimesitsbetternottostickbitsofeachotherineachotherforeachother - Hot Club de Paris
Another catchphrase of the year and one of the best song titles ever.

Shiver - Maxïmo Park
Cover version of the year (only because We Are Sceintists haven’t released their Boyz II Men karaoke style cover), it really shows how amazing Paul’s voice is. Shame they didn’t play it live though.

Suspicious Character - The Blood Arm
“I like all the girls and all the girls like me”.

The Fight for History - MJ Hibbett & The Validators
One of the many highlights of Fuzztival. I love this guy’s lyrics and it’s good to see him with a full backing band.

Separated by Motorways - The Long Blondes
This was my favourite from the early recordings, so when I worked the gig and they closed with it I was very happy. It’s a good job the album was as ace as I was expecting and that they rerecorded ‘Separated…’ actually making it better than before.

Motorcycle - The Rumble Strips
Loved them the first time I saw them. Did lights for them the second time. There’s something about the brass in this song coupled with the lyrics that really make the hairs stand up.

I Think We're Alone Now - Girls Aloud
There’s always been something about this song I’ve liked and something I hated. Now its been done by Girls Aloud it’s finally a song I can love. Plus it sounds like New Order at the beginning

Country Girl - Primal Scream
I like some stuff by the Scream but I've never been a massiver fan. This song however is sheer good time brilliance. Danced my tits off to this many a time.


  • RedClydeside

    I had never noticed it before but the Girls Aloud version of I Think We're Alone Now is indeed very New Order - like something from Waiting For The Sirens' Call

    Ago 27 2007, 19h51
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