alter-ego angry growly screamy music angura-kei at least they tried ayame should go back to being in a band beep-boop-core best use of sperm better than most bands better than the real band black metal bleep bloop music camel case naming convention collection album could be completely made up lel could have been on matina cover darkest labyrinth dat ass death rock disbanded disbanded lol doing visual-kei right electronic electronic rock end of visual era eternal experimental featured on an omnibus but has no info about them on the net frilly gackt rap god palace -method of inheritance- gothic gothic metal gothic rock gothic-influenced guilty pleasure hard rock harsh vocals with clean chorus has a lot of genres head will lol heavy metal homage-kei i only listen to them because kisaki is in it if matenrou opera had talent ikare-kei industrial industrial metal japanese kisaki kote-kei kuroyume-core literally the same thing as his other projects lovely low budget recording major melodic metal melodic rock metal metal-core nasaly trannies neo visual kei neo-traditional visual-kei neoclassical metal nu metal obligatory visual-kei tag old school jrock-styled oops i noticed they stole that but like the song anyway out of tune cleans partly female visual kei pleur-related pop punk post-punk power metal punk rock remake album rock rose petals rain from the sky as senpai finally notices you rose-core rouage cover band scarlet club seen live session band sex so vk they are almost wl solo project someone will tag this as kote-kei even though it is 2011 songs about murdering your parents speed metal symphonic symphonic metal tacky castlevania gothic this shoutbox amuses me this title is probably a euphanism thrash metal under code production visual kei visual-kei weeb trap werkmare and connections yuuga is a bamf