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Abr 17 2010, 10h59

As I was made redundant from my job since 15 years, I started studying last autumn. Becoming a student at the age of 43, and having to spend my days in a very noisy class room has not been an entirey positive experience. I dont appreciate noise. When in the shape of music, yes, but not cocky teenagers who seem to love their own voices. Fer heavens sake, just shut up already!

One of my class mates, who is not one of the teenagers, but an adult just like myself. Still, sometimes she comes out as if she is lacking experience from life.
She claims to be my friend, and that she really likes me, but at times she comes out as a combination of some boyfriends I've had. She has objections to me talking to other people, she offends me sort of to slowly bring me down, at the same time as she is claiming so much of my attention with her own problems.

She has on many occasions pointed out when I come to school not wearing make up, that I look tired. The first time it was just:

Her: "Oh you look tired? Are you ok?"
Me: "Yes of course. It's just that I'm not wearing any make-up."

The next time it was a little more exaggerated:

Her: "You look REALLY tired! Are you ok?"
Me: "Yes. No make up, remember?"
Pause for a few minutes.
Her: "Are you sure there is nothing wrong with you, because you truly look very very tired?"
Me: (tone of voice a tiny bit strained) "Yes I am certain, there is nothing wrong".
But at this time, I am starting to get a little annoyed. She couldnt have said more clearly "yes you look like shite!". Thanks.

Not many days ago, she topped the whole experience of the aquaintance, with a cheerful morning greeting:

Her: "Now you look that tired again! Did you not have time to put on make-up this morning?!"
Me: Hmm. Yes. You know me so well.

Later on during the day, as we do share many personal stories inbetween us, I asked if she wanted to know what my boyfriend looks like. I do talk about him a lot.
Displayed a photo of boyfriend, which she looked at and judged him to look serious. I promised her, he is rather serious, but more so, trying to look cool in the photo. After a moment she stated, that he is good looking. And that he looks younger than me.

He is a tiny bit younger than me, but I doubt half a year shows in a photo, and besides, she is supposed to be my friend. I wasnt exactly counting on both looking tired and old (even though both statements might be the truth) in the same day.
Anyway, I have a boy-toy for a boyfriend, just 43 years old, compared to my 43,5 years.

As we prepared to leave school that same day in the afternoon, she looked at me and asked if I was going to boyfriends house. That was my plans.

Her: "Aren't you going to put on some make-up?"
Me: (laughing) "You think I need that desperately?"
Her: "Yes. Truly you look really sad in that state! I wouldn't be surprised if people came up to you in the street and gave you money, because you look like such a state."
Me: (still laughing, what else am I to do?) "I better do what you say then!"
Put on make-up, and was judged fit to be seen by boyfriend. And that people wouldnt throw money in my direction anymore.

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  • bloodyelbow

    some people are under the illusion that looks are everything, sit comfortable in the knowledge that your boyfriend likes you for who you are and not the make-up you wear. she sounds like she's really shallow from what you said, maybe you should comment on the way she looks and see if the shoe fits on the other foot? ;)

    Abr 17 2010, 19h04
  • Lardygirl

    odd thing is that we talk a lot about "inner qualities" and "inner beauty" but obviously that does not apply to me, i think it only applies to men that are not classical beauties. ugly women like me need make-up. and lots of it. :-)

    Abr 18 2010, 10h47
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