New Bjork Album, "Volta," in the works...Set to be released May 7th


Mar 4 2007, 20h31

If you check out her site,, there's posted news about her recording new material for a new album, "Volta," that's been in the word-of-mouth process for a couple of months. There's even word that she's in collaboration with well-known producer, should be interesting, for the fact that Timbaland produces Justin Timberlake, and Nelly Furtado, completely poppish artists. Bjork has already done the electronica scene, the fully-vocalized album (Medulla), as well as Dancer in the Dark, which I must add is brilliant, as well as a string of beautifully produced music, from 'debut' to recent works. I'm quite excited for what our freakishly-vibrant Bjork will come up with next. Save your pennies everyone, "Volta" is set to be released May 7th!

For now, peace and Love.



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