Faixas (14)
Faixa Álbum Duração Execuções
Unequated Boisterous Dance, The Sky Is Too Small 10
Theme of R.O.D. [Opening Version] 1:34 7
The Evil Wing of Gale, That No One Can Catch 1:37 3
[Untitled Track] 3:28 2
Those Who Insanely Love Books Say, "Paper Is Always With Us" 2:20 2
At a Bookstore-Run Silent, Run Deep 1:18 2
Gentleman-Like, All Too Gentlemanly 3:46 2
Bring All the Wisdom to Great Britain! 3:10 1
In the Beginning, Roars the Electric Genius 1:27 1
Suite for an I-Jin, Pts. 1-3: Talent Beyond Ogre, Gennai/That Man ... 9:04 1
Shudder! Shudder! More Shudder! 1
Theme of Stardust Hidden in the Interval of Time 1
A Man Playing in the West Raises a Pole at Will 1
Souls of the Women Rest for a Moment, And Thereafter... 1