I want to play the lyrics game o- o


Mai 15 2006, 20h39

Step 1: Put your Winamp or equivalent on shuffle.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 30 songs that play, no matter how embarassing.
Step 3: Bold the song (and the artist in the artist list) when someone guesses correctly.
Step 4: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is cheating.

NOTE: Some artists may be used more than once.

1. Headline, murder, young girl killed
Beyond This Life

2. Watching him dash away, swinging an old bouquet

3. When I get older, losing my hair, many years from now
When I'm 64

4. Welcome inside the machine
The Big Machine

5. Someday they won't let you, so now you must agree

6. At the birth of time, the beginning of beginnings
Dawn of a Million Souls

7. When you were young and your heart was an open book
Live and Let Die

8. Some people stay far away from the door
An Innocent Man

9. Standing by the window, eyes upon the moon
Wait for Sleep

10. He seems alone and silent, thoughts remain without an answer
Lifting Shadows Off a Dream

11. Rhymin' man, tall and tan, rhyme or reason, play your hand
Rhymin' Man

12. Got your mother in a whirl, she's not sure if you're a boy or a girl
Rebel Rebel

13. It doesn't make any sense, this tragic ending
One Last Time

14. Madman drummers bummers and Indians in the summer with a teenage diplomat
Blinded by the Light

15. Some folks like to get away, take a holiday from the neighborhood
New York State Of Mind

16. And in the death, as the last few corpses lay rotting on the slimy thoroughfare
Future Legend

17. I went back to the doctor to get another shrink
The Real Me

18. Though you've gone away this morning, you'll be back again tonight
You Like Me Too Much

19. How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?
Baby You're a Rich Man

20. Inside every teenage girl, there's a mountain

21. Got a feeling '21 is gonna be a good year

22. Why don't you have a baby?

23. I still don't know what I was waiting for, and my time was running wild

24. Anthony works in the grocery store, savin' his pennies for someday
Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)

25. All the waiters in your grand café leave their tables when you blink
Don't Ask Me Why

26. I was told the pain and hunger was not my fault
How could they be so wrong?


27. Once upon a time, once when you were mine
Your Wildest Dreams

28. I overwhelm as I approach you, make your lungs hold breath inside!

29. Come to my house, be one of the comfortable people

30. When people keep repeatin' that you'll never fall in love
Let My Love Open the Door

David Bowie
The Beatles
Pete Townsend
Pain of Salvation
Dream Theater
Paul McCartney
The Moody Blues
Billy Joel
Frank Zappa
Bruce Springsteen
The Who
The Devin Townsend Band


  • Memor

    1. Dream Theater - Beyond This Life 9. Dream Theater - Wait For Sleep 10. Dream Theater - Lifting Shadows Of A Dream That's all I was able to come up with. :}

    Mai 15 2006, 20h57
  • jigsaw250

    3. The Beatles - When I'm 64

    Mai 15 2006, 20h59
  • suklaa

    3.The Beatles - When I'm 64 7.Paul McCartney (Wings) - Live and Let Die 12.David Bowie - Rebel Rebel 14.Bruce Springsteen - Blinded by the Light 21.The Who - 1921

    Mai 15 2006, 21h02
  • kolja84

    7. Metallica - Mama said?

    Mai 15 2006, 21h03
  • kolja84

    As Metallica are not in the List, I guess not...

    Mai 15 2006, 21h05
  • suklaa

    jigsaw250 got number 3 before me. Bugger.

    Mai 15 2006, 21h05
  • Androz

    1. Dream Theater - Beyond This Life 3 - Beatles - When I'm 64 4 - Pain of Salvation - The Big Machine 6 - Ayreon - Dawn of a Million Souls 9. Dream Theater - Wait For Sleep 10. Dream Theater - Lifting Shadows Of A Dream 13 - Dream Theater - One Last Time 21 - The Who - 1921 22 - Devin Townsend Band - Babysong 26 - Pain of Salvation - Inside It's nice to see one of this things with bands I like :)

    Mai 15 2006, 21h13
  • themshow118

    19. The Beatles-Baby You're A Rich Man 23. David Bowie-Changes 24. Billy Joel-Anthony's Song (Movin' Out) 25. Billy Joel-Don't Ask Me Why 29 is The Who also but I can't think of the song name, pretty sure its off Tommy. Is it Welcome?

    Mai 15 2006, 21h15
  • Vegeduck

    17. The Who- The Real Me

    Jun 3 2006, 3h31
  • udnetneajed

    16. Bowie - Future Legend <3 Kate.. Diamond Dogs

    Jun 21 2006, 18h30
  • udnetneajed

    PS why do you repeat the ones she already has?

    Jun 21 2006, 18h32
  • JnB987

    8 is Billy Joel - An Innocent Man

    Jul 7 2006, 15h39
  • JnB987

    And 15 is Billy Joel - New York State of Mind

    Jul 7 2006, 15h41
  • coldhearted

    11. Frank Zappa - Rhymin' Man 28. The Who - Sensation

    Nov 12 2006, 17h38
  • deadyet

    18. You Like Me Too Much ... or somethin like that, i don't really remember the title :D

    Nov 26 2006, 22h20
  • LadyLag

    xD I like how the Beatles sing the title of the song within like, the first 5 lines. 6, max. ...Still a bunch of David Bowie songs left. :o

    Nov 30 2006, 0h42
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