"Say something negative about your top 20"


Jul 14 2009, 23h19

A smart idea. sort of. from someone else.

1 - LCD Soundsystem - this is difficult. I suppose they could release all their tracks on an extra album, rather than tagging them along with single releases.

2 - Manic Street Preachers - They don't do themselves any favours in terms of publicity. I mean it's not really a moral thing, but music is a business and a air few more people out there could be enjoying their music.

3 - Gnarls Barkley - Cee-Lo's voice can be kind of patronising at times. I get he's telling a story but he's a rapper too lets not forget.

4 - Coldplay - Leave the politics to the politicians.

5 - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium is appalling.

6 - Feeder - Why did you use to be so crap. why are you so crap now. they were only good for two albums. and that was only feeding off the success of a good song off a crap album.

7 - Foo Fighters - Live album? greatest hits? you don't need to cash in, you fill stadiums for god's sake.

8 - Gorillaz - November Has Come

9 - Bloc Party - Don't say a song is your last song if it's not!

10 - Radiohead - PlayStreet Spirit (Fade Out) live.

11 - Stereophonics - Stick to a style or at least be consistent in your quality of music.

12 - The Hold Steady - Although I like this, themes can be repetitive in their songs.

13 - Klaxons - Giving in to your record company and going back 'to record a few more singles'. If you win the mercury prize, you can record what you fucking like and still live off it for the rest of your life.

14 - Hard-Fi - You can't really do the whole 'music for the people' thing more than once, especially if the first album was successful. people aren't going to listen if you're trying to relate to them, and you're lapping it up 5 days a week. sing about love or yourself or something. At lest The Streets had the decency to record The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living

15 - Muse - If you're going to record classical, that's all very well. But at least do it like Paul McCartney and not try and brand it as something very different. I am not looking forward to your new album.

16 - Franz Ferdinand - If a change of genre is going to commence, commit to it. Your latest album sounds like a sort of half-arsed attempt at something electronic.

17 - Queens of the Stone Age - get some members and stick to it! you're not Guns N' Roses!

18 - Oasis - Do the gallaghers always have to moan in the press at each other? it's all very well if you don't like one another, but keep it to yourselves for at least one day a week. in addition, I find it a bit of a coincidence that they seem to publicly bicker more when there's tour tickets or albums to be sold.

19 - Jamiroquai - You're an effortlessly cool collective, but by no means an album act. B+ MUST TRY HARDER.

20 - Arcade Fire - Stop speaking french. we all know you're canadian by now.


  • _218_5_

    Haha, entertaining!!

    Jul 21 2009, 20h22
  • LCDBill

    i wasn't even trying to be :P

    Jul 26 2009, 21h39
  • MackTheKnifeAU2

    7 - Foo Fighters - Live album? greatest hits? you don't need to cash in, you fill stadiums for god's sake. I know it's semi-serious, but filling stadiums doesn't make any money for their record label. Which is who makes those greatest hits albums. Their live album was awesome though.

    Ago 5 2009, 15h43
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