Fighter jet soundtrack - additions welcome!!!


Mai 14 2008, 21h49

Earlier today I rediscovered this pic on my computer:

It was taken by a friend of mine while we were at the Wings over Houston airshow back in 2004. Note the \m/ being flashed by the pilot and returned by the attendees.

What could be more mtal than a high performance fighter jet? Nothing. Hence the following fighter jet soundtrack. This is basically what I'd be rocking out to if I were riding on 50,000lbs of thrust:

Out by Into Eternity - Chorus, production, flow and composition are just flawless. Vocals are nothing short of perfect.
What it makes me think of: releasing a GPS guided munition and watching it turn some hapless target into a 20 meter crater

Slaves to the Subliminal by Scar Symmetry - Lead singer puts on a death vocals clinic. Nightmarish intro that will scare the living shit out of you. Guitar solo at 3:28 is pretty much the BEST you will EVER hear.
What it makes me think of: full throttle to 45,000ft, cut engines back, do lazy barrel roll arc and watch the earth go by below

Surrounded By Night by Into Eternity - "My path's been set, never second guess" is one of my favorite lines ever
What it makes me think of: going supersonic at 50 ft off the desert floor, seeing how just how low you can get ...

Heroes To Us by Kalmah - The title says it all. As does the total lack of clean vocals. Death growl to rule them all occurs at 3:43
What it makes me think of: Flying into combat with your squadron

The Killjoy by Insomnium - There's absolutely nothing left for you at all.
What it makes me think of: The countless previous dogfights were supposed to have killed you. This one WILL. You're alone as always. Congratulations.

Also, just about any Disarmonia Mundi song. I have recently discovered just how amazingly good this Italian-Swedish act is. More on that later :)

BTW, if you have a chance to see any kind of high performance military aircraft at a show, DO IT. Full throttle jet noise is the most brvtal thing you will ever hear, and the smell of jet fuel is kvlt.

Also, if you wanna add to the soundrack, please go right ahead :) Metal preferred, but other genres welcome ...


  • Nectar_Card (sorry, but it had to be said)

    Mai 15 2008, 7h56
  • LANjackal

    LOL yeah that one's obvious. Thanks though.

    Mai 15 2008, 12h36
  • djwings

    True, but the Children of Bodom cover might work better. You have to have something by Mors Principium Est in there, probably The Unborn, It is done or Pure. The first two are high-energy, the last is epic as hell. Also for energy, try No Compromise (which has a nasty surprise at the intro) or Demon In Veins. The Haunted and Soilwork definitely need to be on there. And I agree on Slaves To The Subliminal- that song is brutal given that it has clean vocals.

    Mai 23 2008, 19h11
  • Justd1e

    "What could be more mtal than a high performance fighter jet?" A blown up fighter jet.

    Mai 25 2008, 3h18
  • douglerman

    The perfect Chaos by MyGrain this song would be awesome for a high intensity, high G-force dogfight. Golden Dawn this track is great for high speed fighter jet flying. Deathbringer from the Sky Need I say more?

    Mai 29 2008, 6h33
  • djwings

    Forgot this one: Hypocrisy- Fearless- Explains itself. Or maybe Warpath would work better... Of course, there are more gory titles on Virus, but in a jet, you don't need to see any of it...

    Jun 2 2008, 8h58
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