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    Out 20 2012, 19h54

  • The Latest Blog!

    Nov 21 2011, 2h52

    My main blog is now, Behind The Hologram!

    All my favorite things past and present will be kept in this space. It's only just started up but I have quite a few posts already and there will be much more to come. I will add more and more whenever I have the time.

    Stop by and see if there's anything you like.
  • Top 50 Quiz

    Mai 6 2010, 21h19

    My Top 50

    1 Kylie Minogue
    2 Madonna
    3 Alanis Morissette
    4 Janet Jackson
    5 Tori Amos
    6 Bjork
    7 Lisa Loeb
    8 Mariah Carey
    9 Bette Midler
    10 Spice Girls
    11 Deborah Gibson
    12 Melanie C
    13 Natalie Imbruglia
    14 Idina Menzel
    15 Cyndi Lauper
    16 Patty Griffin
    17 Emm Gryner
    18 Robbie Williams
    19 Cher
    20 Sheryl Crow
    21 Emma Bunton
    22 Britney Spears
    23 Jay Brannan
    24 John Mayer
    25 Tiffany
    26 Fiona Apple
    27 Jason Mraz
    28 Barbra Streisand
    29 Tina Dico
    30 Rilo Kiley
    31 Mandy Moore
    32 Chantal Kreviazuk
    33 Christina Aguilera
    34 Victoria Beckham
    35 Lily Allen
    36 The Party
    37 Geri Halliwell
    38 Charlotte Martin
    39 Donna De Lory
    40 Tara MacLean
    41 Jenny Lewis
    42 Melanie B
    43 Spring Awakening
    44 Leona Lewis
    45 Ben Lee
    46 All Saints
    47 Jewel
    48 Rufus Wainwright
    49 Duffy
    50 Nina Gordon

    1. How did you get into 31?

    Mandy Moore: Well I had seen her open for the Backstreet Boys when her first album came out and I just thought "Whatever". But then years later my friend Jessica played me the song "Cry" and I saw her in the movie "Saved" and I just thought she was fantastic. The first album I bought of hers was Coverage.

    2. What was the first song you ever heard by 22?

    Britney Spears: Like most people it was "...Baby One More Time". You couldn't really escape it back then. I think I was in Grade 10.

    3. What's your favourite lyric by 41?

    Jenny Lewis: "To be lonely is a habit like smoking or taking drugs, and I've quit them both but man, was it rough.


    "Success is a state of mind with a little bit of follow through"

    4. What is your favourite album by 49?

    Duffy: That's easy, she's only got one album out so far. Rockferry.

    5. How many albums by 13 do you own?

    Natalie Imbruglia: All 4 of her studio albums and her Greatest Hits album. So 5.

    6. What is your favourite song by 50?

    Nina Gordon: "Bones And A Name", "Number One Camera", and "Black & Blonde".

    7. Is there a song by 4 that makes you sad?

    Janet Jackson: "Living In A World (They Didn't Make)" is kinda sad. Plus "What About".

    8. What is your least favourite song by 15?

    Cyndi Lauper: There is the odd song here and there of Cyndi's that I don't care for, like her version of "If You Go Away", that song she did recently with Tori Amos I wasn't that impressed with, "Raging Storm", "Like A Cat" etc.

    9. What is your favourite song by 5?

    Tori Amos: OMG that is impossible to choose, she has so many amazing songs. "Playboy Mommy", "Winter", "Upside Down", "Sugar", "China", "Precious Things", "Cruel", "Jackie's Strength", "Carbon", "Glory Of The 80's"....just to name a few

    10. Is there a song by 6 that makes you happy?

    Bjork: "Violently Happy" haha. Plus "Big Time Sensuality", "I Miss You", "It's Oh So Quiet", "Unison", "5 Years".

    11. What is your favourite album by 40?

    Tara MacLean: Probably her first album "Silence", but all of her albums are beautiful.

    12. What is your favourite song by 10?

    Spice Girls: "Never Give Up On The Good Times" and "Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)".

    13. What is a good memory you have involving 33?

    Christina Aguilera: The only thing I can think of is how great she was when I saw her on the Justified/Stripped Tour with Justin Timberlake. That was one hell of a show

    14. What is your favourite song by 37?

    Geri Halliwell: "Let Me Love You More" & "Mi Chico Latino"

    15. Is there a song by 19 that makes you happy?

    Cher: "The Shoop Shoop Song", "Alive Again", "Take Me Home", "When Love Calls Your Name", and "All Or Nothing".

    16. How many times have you seen 24 live?

    John Mayer: I think I've seen him 4 or 5 times live, and I'll be seeing him again in August.

    17. What is the first song you heard by 23?

    Jay Brannan: I believe it was either "Soda Shop" or "Body's A Temple".

    18. What is your favourite album by 11?

    Deborah "Debbie" Gibson: "Think With Your Heart"

    19. Who is your favourite member of 1?

    Favorite Member? Ummm Kylie is pretty much just herself.

    20. How many times have you seen 14 live?

    Idina Menzel: Once, I was front row and it was amazing.

    21. What is a good memory you have involving 45?

    I really have no stories involving Ben Lee. I just enjoy his music on the whole.

    22. What is your favourite song by 16?

    Patty Griffin: "When It Don't Come Easy", "Tomorrow Night", "Tony", & "Sweet Lorraine".

    23. What is the first song you heard by 47?

    Jewel: "Who Will Save Your Soul"

    24. What is your favourite album by 3?

    Alanis Morissette: Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie and Flavors Of Entanglement

    25. What is your favourite song by 18?

    Robbie Williams: "Undone", "Millenium", "Kids" and "Let Love Be Your Energy"

    26. What is the first song you heard by 38?

    Charlotte Martin: "Something Like A Hero"

    27. What is your favourite lyric that 21 has sung?

    Emma Bunton: "Everything in life will change, with every rainbow there is rain, nothing stays the same. Years will pass and we will grow, one thing you'll always know that I love you now for all the things you are, and for everything you'll become 'cause I love who you are, and all that you'll be."

    28. What is your favourite song by 2?

    Madonna: "Frozen", "Rain", "Oh Father" "Paradise (Not For Me)", "Deeper And Deeper", "Cherish", "Bad Girl" and many others.

    29. What is the first song you heard by 32?

    Chantal Kreviazuk: It was either "Surrounded" or "Believer".

    30. What is your favourite song by 8?

    Mariah Carey: I think it still has to be "Vision Of Love" and "Vanishing"

    31. How many times have you seen 17 live?

    Emm Gryner: 4 times I believe.

    32. Is there a song by 44 that makes you happy?

    Leona Lewis: Her rendition of Summertime when she was on X-Factor was incredible, but otherwise "Angel" is quite a lovely song.

    33. What is your favourite album by 12?

    Melanie C: I'm quite fond of "This Time".

    34. What is the worst song by 29?

    Tina Dico: There's not many songs by Tina that I don't like but I guess my least favorite would be "Night Cab".

    35. What was the first song you heard by 34?

    Victoria Beckham: "Out Of Your Mind" is the first solo song I heard by Victoria.

    36. What is your favourite album by 42?

    Melanie B: I think LA State Of Mind is very underrated. I really like that album.

    37. How many times have you seen 39 live?

    Donna De Lory: I'll be seeing Donna for the first time (solo) at Lilith Fair this year in Toronto. I have seen her with Madonna 4 times.

    38. What is your favourite album by 36?

    The Party: I think their self titled first album is my favorite.

    39. What is the first song you heard by 28?

    Barbra Streisand: I think the first song I heard by Barbra was I'm The Greatest Star from "Funny Girl".

    40. What is your favourite album by 35?

    Lily Allen: It's Not Me, It's You
  • Chantal Kreviazuk w. Special Guest Raine Maida Review

    Dez 9 2009, 21h25

    Last nights concert at Massey Hall was definitely a festival of sorts and was exactly the kind of performance I was hoping to see at that time. Varied and Lovely.

    I had no idea what to expect when the show was touted as Chantal Kreviazuk with Special Guest Raine Maida. I wondered, is it going to be a double billed show like when I saw Alanis Morissette and Tori Amos perform live on the "5 1/2 Weeks Tour"? Or was Raine simply going to be Chantal's opening act?

    As the house lights went down, two young girls with acoustic guitars walked onto the stage so I knew he was no opening act. The girls introduced themselves as "Dala" a folk pop duo from Scarborough, the groups name was explained as being a sort of Scabble mash up of the last two letters of both of the girls first names (Amanda was the "Da" and Sheila was the "La"). The two played a five song set and practically blew me away in the process. Their vocals were like honey when banded together and they ended their set with a small acoustic rendition of "Moon River" (one of my favorite songs). As most opening acts do at Massey Hall, they explained that they would be signing cd's at the break. Gotta love that.

    I assumed the break would be after their set but the stage lights stayed on and the house lights stayed off. After a few minutes of crew people checking mic's and instruments, Raine Maida appeared on stage followed by Chantal who sat down at her piano, violinist Karen Graves, drummer Randy Cooke, and Cellist/Acoustic Guitarist Kevin Fox. Raine proceeded to play a half hour to 45 minute set of songs from his 2007 solo album "The Hunter's Lullaby". The married couple joked and bickered on stage together and Raine admitted that his song "Sex, Love and Honey" was written about one of the first fights they ever had as a married couple where Raine went too far and called her "the worst word you could call a woman" and Chantal responded by calling his Mother lol. After giving his opinion on the recent Tiger Woods fiasco, Raine took a break from performing his solo material to perform the "Our Lady Peace" hit "Innocent", dedicating it to "good people" (which didn't include Tiger).

    After Raine's set, the house lights came up, I went and bought Dala's latest album (evidently they have four albums) and got it signed by the two of them.

    15 minutes later the house lights went down once more and Chantal walked out (in a different outfit from the one we had seen during Raine's set) and was joined on stage by the same group of musicians, who throughout the show would alternate their time on stage giving Chantal's music completely different sounds. She started the show off with the song "Today" from her latest album "Plain Jane" and seemed quite relieved when the audience recognized the songs piano intro.

    "You have the new album, Thank God!" she exclaimed.

    From there she dove into the song "Time" from her third album "What If It All Means Something", and "Ghosts Of You" from 2006's "Ghost Stories" which she wrote about her cousin Brenda who had passed away and dedicated to her other cousin (Brenda's sister) who was in the audience and had survived and been cured of having the same affliction as her sister.

    As mentioned, throughout the evening, Chantal's band alternated their time on stage, leaving her alone at times to just play her piano, or having only the string instruments play with her. At one point while left alone on stage, she invited Dala to join her on backing vocals for her first ever single "God Made Me" from her debut album "Under These Rocks And Stones". Plus Chantal even tried her hand at playing the acoustic guitar on the songs "Halfway Around The World" (which she admitted was written about someone she despised) and the 1999 single "Far Away". Her music was not the only music heard during her set. She allowed violinist Karen Graves to perform a song written by her band "The Done Me Wrongs" as well as letting cellist Kevin Fox to perform his rendition of the Joni Mitchell classic "River". For the encore she invited trumpeter Brayden Baird out to jazz it up on the title track off the latest album "Plain Jane". So the sound and mood of the night was ever shifting.

    The nicest part of the evening was the presence of her kids. As well as having clips from home movies shown on the screen during her performances of the songs "5,000 Days" and her cover of John Denver's "Leaving On A Jet Plane", the kids could be heard giggling from the audience, standing in the wings with Raine, and on more than one occasion coming right on stage to talk to their Mom. At one point during the show her eldest son Rowan came on stage to ask her what time she would be finished, to which she responded "Raine, this is so not okay."

    For the final song of the night (her latest single "Invincible") Rowan and his younger brother Lucca (age 4) both came out on stage. Rowan introduced his little brother who then proceeded to sing the first verse and chorus of the song (it couldn't have been cuter if he tried). His Mom responded by saying "That's a tough act to follow, but here we go."

    Set List:
    Ghosts of You
    Half Of Me
    Ordinary People
    Feels Like Home
    This Life
    My Hometown (Bruce Springsteen cover dedicated to the city of Toronto for being the Winnipeg artists second hometown)
    God Made Me (featuring Dala)
    Not One Drop; Sylvie's song (New song, unrecorded)
    5,000 Days
    Before You
    Isabel (Karen Graves solo)
    River (Kevin Fox's solo)
    Say The Word
    Halfway Around The World
    Far Away
    Leaving On A Jet Plane
    The Way
    All I Can Do
    Plain Jane

    3 hours and 45 minutes of bliss. Amazing show.

    Chantal Kreviazuk
  • Kylie's For You For Me Tour: My Review

    Out 10 2009, 7h37

    Fri 9 Oct – For You, For Me Tour

    I'm not going to type it out again, so please see my review of this astonishing show on my Kylie Blog www.kylielimbo.blogspot.com. To go straight to the review, click here, http://kylielimbo.blogspot.com/2009/10/my-dreams-of-impossible-princess-come.html
  • Poor, Wayfaring Stranger

    Fev 22 2009, 4h53

    - Put your iTunes (or whatever) on shuffle.
    - For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
    - Write that song name down. No cheating.

    The Girl Is On To You (Bette Midler)

    Crayons (Donna Summer)

    Start Wasting My Time (Teitur)

    Stronger Than Me (Melissa Etheridge)

    UFO (Holly McNarland)

    Black-Eyed Blue Sky (Emm Gryner)

    Riffs And Variations On A Single Note For Jelly Roll, Earl Hines, Louis Armstrong, Baby Dodds, And The King Of Swing, To Name A Few (Sufjan Stevens)

    Sorcerer (Stevie Nicks)

    Savior Self (Cree Summer)

    10. WHAT IS 2 + 2?
    Feelings Show (Colbie Caillat)

    Rain, Rain (Cher)

    Chills (Ben Lee)

    Feel So Good (Brandy)

    Walkaway (Geri Halliwell)

    Raspberry Swirl (Tori Amos)

    Wish (Andy Stochansky)

    Run With Blood (Jen Wood)

    Joan (Emm Gryner)

    Don't Panic (Coldplay)

    Lounge (Esthero)

    Poor, Wayfaring Stranger (Kristen Chenoweth)
  • A Quiz For Fun

    Jan 11 2009, 23h34

    Name your top ten artists on Last.fm:
    01. Kylie Minogue
    02. Madonna
    03. Alanis Morissette
    04. Janet Jackson
    05. Tori Amos
    06. Lisa Loeb
    07. Bjork
    08. Melanie C
    09. Spice Girls
    10. Mariah Carey

    How many times have you listened to number one?

    Is this your favorite band?
    She's not really a band, but she is surely one of my favorite artists if I've listened to her more than any others.

    What got you into number one?
    I believe my brother got her first album for his birthday one year and I just started listening by example. I remember loving the Loco-Motion.

    Why the hell have you listened to that so much?
    Her music for the most part is really well written dance pop music. Great for dancing and singing along to, and when she takes a moment away from that genre and does something a bit more abstract, it ends up being delightful. Plus she herself is gorgeous and has an amazing personality.

    Favorite songs of number one:
    Dreams, No More Rain, Fever, Limbo, Light Years, Dancefloor, Take Me With You, Look My Way. Confide In Me, Dangerous Game, Cover Me With Kisses, When The Cats Away, I Believe In You, Wow, Nu-Di-Ty, Cowboy Style (Slimlady Mix) etc.

    Something you think you’d thoroughly enjoy doing with the artist?
    I'd be satisfied with just seeing her live in concert because she has never toured North America. Beyond that, I would love to record a song with her, or going clubbing with her would be hot. Or maybe go to dinner.

    Favorite memory of the artist?
    I spent an entire trip to Scotland when I was 16, looking for all of her albums from Rhythm Of Love to Light Years on CD in various second hand cd stores. They were not released widely in North America. I was successful. Yeah Me.

    How many times listened to number two?

    What got you into them?
    Madonna and I have a weird relationship lol. My sister had the cassette single for her song Cherish and I remember hearing that song during a summer vacation and loving how summery it was but not registering an artist name with the song, and during the same holiday I remember seeing the movie Who's That Girl on tv, but the only thing that I took from it at the time was the animated opening sequence, and the line about her using fire engine red lipstick. I was like 7. My best friend Dean was obsessed with her and tried to get me into her during the Erotica period but I rejected it until the song Take A Bow came out and I got the Bedtime Stories album for my Birthday. After that the flood gates opened and Dean made me a shit load of Madonna mixed tapes of her entire back catalogue and I've been hooked ever since.

    What makes you like them so much?
    Well, I think she is incredibly outspoken, more so in the past than nowadays, and her music up until recently has always been a kind of revolutionary pop that pushed the boundaries of what was deemed permissable in terms of sex, sexuality, religion, and gender roles. Her image itself is something to be desired as it is forever fleeting and impossible to keep up with, and I just think she is a daring individual and phenomenal performer. I hate to say that her latest album is a horrible attept to remain current and she seems to have lost herself to the current MTV generation by making a bizarre hip-hop electronica pop concoction with no depth or Madonna style flair to it. Stop letting the Timber "lands" and "lakes" produce your albums Madonna! It sounds like their albums with your voice on it. Oh and do the odd ballad here and there. I miss your ballads.

    Favorite songs:
    Rain, Frozen, Cherish, Bad Girl, Take A Bow, This Used To Be My Playground, Oh Father, Live To Tell, Easy Ride, Paradise (Not For Me), Devil Wouldn't Recognize You, Sanctuary, Bedtime Story, Dress You Up, Vogue, Isaac, Sorry, Words, Into The Groove, Burning Up, Impressive Instant, Candy Perfume Girl, etc.

    Favorite memory of artist?
    That whole period when Dean was making me all of those mixed tapes and I was slowly discovering her artistry, as well as songs that would shape me. Also, everytime I see her live is like a moment with God. I've seen her 5 times in concert. Three times on the Re-invention Tour, once on the Confessions Tour and Twice on The Sticky & Sweet Tour.

    How many times have you listened to number three?

    Would you pay thirty dollars to see them in concert?
    I've payed a hell of a lot more than that to see her live so I'd definately pay $30 to see her. She's worth every cent.

    What's your favourite song by this artist?
    Still, Simple Together, Tapes, Versions Of Violence, Symptoms, Mary Jane, Excuses, I Was Hoping, Baba, Sorry To Myself, Uninvited, Flinch, Your House, Orchid, A Man, Offer, Can't Not, Hands Clean, You Learn, Forgiven, Out Is Through, Pollyanna Flower, The Couch, Would Not Come, Wake Up, Unprodigal Daughter, When We Meet Again, An Emotion Away etc.

    Any fave memories?
    I have a few. One: Meeting her at an HMV when she put her second pop album "Now Is The Time" out. Two: Seeing her front row on her Toward our Union Mended Tour and then getting a free copy of the Feast On Scraps CD/DVD after the show (just for being front row). Three: Seeing Her and Tori Amos live on their Five And A Half Weeks Tour, the perfect show. Four: Just in general, her music has helped me through so many moments in my life, in particular during the time I started coming out to people.

    How many times have you listened to four?

    Would you go fishing with them?
    I don't like fishing but if Janet wanted me to go with her... I'd be on that dock so fast.

    Any particular emotions run through you when you listen?
    Joy and Sexiness. Janet is very sexy.

    What songs you like best?
    Escapade, What About, If, So Excited, Come On Get Up, Would You Mind, Anytime Anyplace, You Want This, Let's Wait Awhile, Luv, Pleasure Principle, Trust A Try, Son Of A Gun, 70's Love Groove, Pops Up, All Night (Don't Stop), Just A Little While, You, Rock With U, Twenty Foreplay, New Agenda, Rope Burn, Again etc.

    How many times have you listened to five?

    What’s so intriguing about them?
    Her musicianship is stellar, her lyrics are beautiful and often times painfully autobiographical and on top of that she's just an incredibly perplexing woman.

    Could you imagine them in a circus?
    I actually could. I could see her as a fortune teller or a snake charmer.

    How many times for six?

    How many 3’s in a <3333333 would you give them and why?
    Maybe eight, She's not so much an artist who is overtly sexual in her appearance (she is beautiful though) but her music and her voice are extremely sensual.

    How many times for 7?

    I hear 7 is a magical number, is this artist magical?
    Very. She skips about like a little Imp and weaves her magic through different beats and icelandic wailings and chirps.

    What are some of your favorite songs and what memories are attached to them?
    Possibly Maybe, Sod Off, Charlene, Bachelorette, An Echo A Stain, Venus As A Boy, Violently Happy, Unravel, The Anchor Song, Desired Constellation, Enjoy, I've Seen It All, Isobel, Pegan Poetry, The Dull Flame Of Desire, Declare Independence, Generous Palmstroke etc. I was front row for Bjork's Homogenic tour when it stopped in Toronto and so I was leaning against the stage and Bjork walked out and walked right into my hand. So I felt her leg which was fun.

    How many times for eight?

    How long have you liked this artist?
    On her own? 9 or 10 years now. However long she's been doing her solo thing.

    What are some songs you like/why?
    "Why" because it's darkly beautiful, "Yeh, Yeh, Yeh" because it's the perfect get you in the mood to party song, "Immune" because it reminds me of certain relationships I've had, "You'll Get Yours" the perfect break up song, "Be The One" it's so much fun to sing, and "If That Were Me" because I sang it for a talent show back in highschool with wonderful results.

    Which member would you most enjoy a good square dance with?
    I'm assuming this is in the case of a band. I'd prefer to go clubbing with Melanie than square dancing.

    Random fact you know about the artist?
    Ummmm she used to eat cat food when she was a child.

    Poor nine and ten, how many times you listened to them?
    305 & 301

    Why have them as number nine and ten, where is the loveeee?
    Well I figure having one of the Spice Girls higher on the list counts for something and as for Mariah...well....I guess I just don't like her enough.

    How long have you liked them?
    The Spice Girls - since I saw them perform Who Do You Think You Are during the Brit Awards in 1997 I believe.
    Mariah - I have no idea. When did Vision of Love come out? 1990 or something. It was her first song and I fell in love with her then. She's kinda gone in and out of my favor a few times during her career but overall she's done me proud.

    What are the poor artists from 11-20?
    11. Deborah Gibson
    12. Idina Menzel
    13. Emma Bunton
    14. Natalie Imbruglia
    15. Bette Midler
    16. John Mayer
    17. Cyndi Lauper
    18. Patty Griffin
    19. Jay Brannan
    20. Rilo Kiley
  • If Your Life Was A Movie, What Songs Would Make Up The Soundtrack?

    Jan 11 2009, 20h51

    So, here's how it works:
    1. Open your playlist.
    2. Put it on shuffle.
    3. Press play.
    4. For every question, type the song that's playing.
    5. When you go to a new question, press the next button.

    -Opening Credits: Close Your Eyes by Young Love

    -Waking Up: Will You Love Me Tomorrow by Debbie Gibson

    -First Day At School: Make You Love Me by Gavin Creel

    -Falling In Love: I Get Lonely by Janet Jackson

    -Fight Song: Beautiful by H.I.M.

    -Breaking Up: It's Not Up To You by Bjork

    -Prom: Heal Me - Melissa Etheridge

    -Life's OK: Lullaby by Emmy Rossum

    -Mental Breakdown: Possibly Maybe by Bjork

    -Driving: Don't Tell Me You Love Me Anymore by Emma Bunton

    -Flashback: Love To Hate by Cyndi Lauper

    -Getting Back Together: Eight Easy Steps by Alanis Morissette

    -Birth of Child: The Walk by Imogen Heap

    -Wedding: Just A Memory by Judy Garland

    -Final Battle: Mannequin by Britney Spears

    -Death Scene: Slow by Kylie Minogue

    -Funeral Song: Sing For Me by Antony & The Johnsons

    -End Credits: Funny How Time Flies by Janet Jackson
  • Music Quiz

    Jan 11 2009, 0h48

    Name your Weekly top 10 most played artists on Last.fm:

    1. Alanis Morissette
    2. Madonna
    3. Brandy
    4. Kylie Minogue
    5. Britney Spears
    6. Antony & The Johnsons
    7. Tori Amos
    8. Judy Garland
    9. Bjork
    10. Jason Mraz

    Now answer the questions according to the numbers:

    What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
    For Today I Am A Boy

    What is your favourite album of 2?
    Bedtime Stories or Erotica

    What is your favourite lyric that 5 has sung?
    "I'm not ashamed of the things that I dream, I've found myself flirting with the verge of obscene."

    How many times have you seen 4 live?
    I'm still waiting for Kylie to tour North America.

    What is your favourite song by 7?
    "Sugar", "Take To The Sky", "Winter", "Playboy Mommy", "Cruel", and "1,000 Oceans".

    What is a good memory you have involving the music of 10?
    I was priviledged to have taken my friend Beena to her first ever concert and it was Jason Mraz at the Kool Haus. She only knew the song "The Remedy" so it was kinda entertaining to see her reaction to some of his other songs. Most she loved.

    Is there a song of 3 that makes you sad?
    No. most of Brandy's songs are pretty uplifting.

    What is your favourite lyric that 2 has sung?
    "If I ran away, I'd never have the strength to go very far. How would they hear the beating of my heart? Will it grow cold? The secret that I hide, will I grow old? How would they hear? When will they learn? How will they know?"

    What is your favourite song by 9?
    "Possibly Maybe", "Sod Off", "Generous Palmstroke", "An Echo, A Stain", and "The Dull Flame Of Desire".

    How did you get into 3?
    Of my own accord. I heard her song Sitting Up In My Room from the Waiting To Exhale soundtrack and I enjoyed it so I dove in.

    What was the first song you heard by 1?
    Too Hot.

    What is your favourite song by 4?
    Dreams, Light Years, and No More Rain

    How many time have you seen 9 live?
    Once on the Homogenic Tour, and I loved every minute of it. She always does festivals when she comes to Toronto now which I don't like. I don't want to sit through a bunch of artists I don't like just to see her.

    What is a good memory you have involving 2?
    Going to see three shows of the Re-Invention Tour in Toronto. It was my first time seeing her live and I figured I would do it up right and see all three shows.

    Is there a song of 8 that makes you sad?
    The Red Balloon, and Last Night When We Were Young

    What is your favourite album of 5?

    What is your favourite lyric that 3 has sung?
    "Just for the sake of my daughter, I tried to stick to the plan, but I had to get rid of the weight of my fourth finger, left hand." or "You can't get to heaven, half off the ground, everybody knows almost doesn't count."

    What is your favourite song of 1?
    "Still", "Simple Together", "Tapes", "Versions Of Violence", "Symptoms", "Mary Jane", "Excuses", "I Was Hoping", "Baba", "Sorry To Myself", "Uninvited" and "Flinch". Never ask me that again. It's so impossible to choose.

    What is your favourite song of 10?
    "Absolutely Zero", "Too Much Food", and "Butterfly"

    How many times have you seen 8 live?
    Zero, but considering that she died 13 years before I was even born, I think that's pretty understandable. If I had seen her in concert though.....sweet Lord.

    What is your favourite album of 1?
    Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie or Flavors Of Entanglement. I'm torn between the two.

    What is a great memory you have considering 9?
    When I saw her on the Homogenic tour, we were right at the stage and I had my arm resting on the stage and Bjork walked out and ran into my hand. I thought she might have turned around and attacked me like the woman in Bankok but she just kept walking. So I felt up Bjork which is kinda hot.

    What was the first song you heard by 8?
    Over The Rainbow

    What is your favourite cover by 2?
  • Top 50 Albums of 2008

    Jan 7 2009, 20h59

    Here is the list of my favorite albums of the year 2008. Technically it's 51 since it was a tie for first.

    50) Pebble To A Pearl - Nikka Costa
    49) Sam Sparro - Sam Sparro
    48) Sugar & Spice - Mya
    47) Still Unforgettable - Natalie Cole
    46) Thirteens - Leona Naess
    45) Simple Times - Joshua Radin
    44) Perfectly Clear - Jewel
    43) Seventh Tree - Goldfrapp
    42) The Promise - Deborah Cox
    41) Funhouse - Pink
    40) The Singer - Teitur
    39) New Amerykah Part One (4th World War) - Erykah Badu
    38) Down To Earth - Jem
    37) The Purple Tape - Lisa Loeb
    36) Common Reaction - Uh Huh Her
    35) I Am... Sasha Fierce - Beyonce
    34) Unfamiliar Faces - Matt Costa
    33) Funplex - The B-52's
    32) A Piece Of What You Need - Teddy Thompson
    31) The Fame - Lady Gaga
    30) Where The Light Is - John Mayer
    29) Fire Songs - The Watson Twins
    28) Backwoods Barbie - Dolly Parton
    27) Little Wild One - Joan Osborne
    26) I Know You're Married...But I've Got Feelings Too - Martha Wainwright
    25) Hard Candy - Madonna
    24) Gavin DeGraw - Gavin DeGraw
    23) Last Days At The Lodge - Amos Lee
    22) Unexpected - Michelle Williams
    21) For Your Consideration... - Kathy Griffin
    20) Another World (EP) - Antony & The Johnsons
    19) Jennifer Hudson - Jennifer Hudson
    18) Viva La Vida - Coldplay
    17) E=MC2 - Mariah Carey
    16) Songs For You, Truths For Me - James Morrison
    15) Crayons - Donna Summer
    14) Human - Brandy
    13) TO.NY - Ivana Santilli
    12) I Stand - Idina Menzel
    11) Circus - Britney Spears
    10) Youth Novels - Lykke Li
    9) We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things - Jason Mraz
    8) Count To Ten - Tina Dico
    7) Bring Ya To The Brink - Cyndi Lauper
    6) Discipline - Janet Jackson
    5) Acid Tongue - Jenny Lewis
    4) Detours - Sheryl Crow
    3) Volume One - She & Him
    2) Rockferry - Duffy
    and the two albums who have the honor of being my top loved albums of 2008 are...

    1) Goddamned - Jay Brannan
    1) Flavors of Entanglement - Alanis Morissette

    Honorable Mention goes to.....

    Safe Trip Home - Dido
    Delta - Delta Goodrem
    The Love Chronicles - Divine Brown
    Elephants...Teeth Sinking Into Heart - Rachael Yamagata
    The Baroness - Sarah Slean