• Dereleech "studio" diary: Valosade (upcoming full-length)

    Mai 28 2012, 13h03

    A while ago I started working on a new Dereleech release. The working name of the release is "Valosade". The current draft tracklist looks like this:

    Bloom (100% done) (6:24)
    Valosade (100% done) (16:00)
    Ναϊάδες (80% done) (6:32)
    Kristallihiekka (90% done) (5:12)
    Sol Scion (50% done) (6:16)

    (The lengths are taken from the newest test versions and are subject to change.)

    Cover art (0% done)


    Original entry, 28 May 2012: The style and concept of this release will take a turn towards a lighter, more peaceful approach while the mood still remains relatively sad/melancholic. The basic theme follows ideas of rebirth and "light worship". A couple of tracks are already finished or nearly finished and I'm very satisfied with the results. They still require major improvements in the mixing department though.

    The sound so far consists of smooth ambient drifts, moderately distorted static drones, heavy repetition during gradually building structures and a continuous uninterrupted playback similar to "Servant of Entropy". It also nods towards an "earthly" feel during some of the sections. The more melodic "Ilmatar" for example draws influences from nature themed music such as Nest (Fin) while "Sol Scion" exhibits a very minimal and organic ambient field.


    25 Sep 2012: The project has been on hold since the May entry.


    2 June 2014: Back after about two years. Structural changes to some tracks and work begun on the last few tracks. Some tracks renamed/rearranged, references in the original entry no longer apply. Working name for the release is now Valosade (Finnish for "The Raining Light" or literally "Light Rain"). Other translations/meanings:

    Ναϊάδες = Naiades / Naiads
    Kristallihiekka = Crystal Sand


    19 July 2014: Last track still under construction, with a few problems I need to solve with plugin interaction as well. Once I'm happy with that outcome, final touches will commence. Final release is possibly happening in early August (if not earlier). Titles are now final (unless for some reason the last track takes a new direction that needs a different concept/name).

    In other news, the base concepts for the next two projects are already being fleshed out. The working names for them are "Elsewhere" and "Divinectomy". "Elsewhere" will be built as a lighter minimalistic chillout/ambient piece while "Divinectomy" explores a darker/chaotic side of Dereleech.
  • Dereleech - Deadspace (free download)

    Jan 4 2012, 14h47

    Deadspace, the sequel to Standstill by Dereleech released (free download)

    01. Deadspace
    02. Legacy
    03. 299792458
    04. Derelict
    05. Aeonic Pulse
    Total length: 44:00

    Continuation of Standstill.

    Artist's comments:
    Standstill was in essence quite clean. With this sequel I wanted to tackle a similar feeling to that release but with a much angrier and dirtier approach using tons of distortion and grit. The bulk of this release is essentially drone/dark ambient with some drone doom influence and rare lighter ambient moments as well as a subtle touch of noise. This album uses exclusively electronic/virtual instruments.

    Matti Tolkki - All compositions, arrangements and cover art

    Additional notes:
    - Composed and recorded between September 2011 and January 2012.
    - Release date: January 4th, 2012.

    Mediafire (VBR V0 MP3, 82 MB | FLAC Lossless, 142 MB)
  • Dereleech - Textures II: Ahtola (free download)

    Jan 3 2012, 7h45

    Textures II: Ahtola, the second EP in the "Textures" series by Dereleech released (free download)

    01. Ahtola
    Total length: 9:22

    Artist's comments:
    This track is completely based on sampling and sample manipulation as opposed to my usual VST-based approach. It has zero rhythmic or melodic structure, as it's based on a continuous living ("organic") sound environment. One could call it an "unreal field/nature recording" that follows someone or something on the way down to Ahtola. The concept is a mixture of influences drawn from both Finnish folklore/mythology and H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu/R'lyeh.

    Matti Tolkki - Composition, arrangement, additional samples and cover art
    Mike Koenig, Mark DiAngelo, JaBa - Samples used under creative commons

    Additional notes:
    - Composed and recorded between April and August 2011.
    - Release date: January 3rd, 2012.

    Mediafire (VBR V0 MP3, 16 MB | FLAC Lossless, 28 MB)
  • Dereleech "studio" diary: Deadspace (upcoming full-length)

    Set 16 2011, 9h11

    Work has begun on a sequel to Standstill (Dereleech). The working name of the album is Deadspace and the current draft tracklist looks like this:

    Deadspace (100% done) (10:26)
    Legacy (100% done) (2:00)
    299792458 (100% done) (11:31)
    Derelict (100% done) (2:40)
    Aeonic Pulse (100% done) (17:22)

    (The lengths are taken from the newest test versions and are subject to change.)

    Cover art (100% done)


    Original Entry, 16 Sep 2011: The style continues a similar simplistic slowly pounding style with funeral/drone doom influences like the first "Standstill" did. The first track "Deadspace" is mostly done and is indeed reminiscent of the first "Standstill" release but has a more blurry, noisier texture which is perhaps a bit wider overall.

    The concept for the album is essentially the same as the first Standstill.


    19 Sep 2011: One section of 299792458 done, but it's still far from what I want it to sound like. It might actually even end up being an interlude track.


    2 Oct 2011: Decided to change the short section done earlier into an interlude track. Also changed the full album structure into song-interlude-song-interlude-song. The second interlude "EDR//FTL" almost done as well. It has a reprise of one of the motifs on the first Standstill album. Currently working on the instrument basis for 299792458.


    3 Oct 2011: Some progress on 299792458. Lots of stuff to fix though, the mix sounds too chaotic and blurry and feels hard to adjust. It was similar with Deadspace where I think I simply got lucky getting the general sound balanced quickly. Also renamed "EDR//FTL" to "Derelict".


    12 Oct 2011: 299792458 scrapped, starting anew.


    21 Oct 2011: A new track skeleton created for "Aeon Pulse" (originally 299792458). The sound is slightly more distorted compared to Deadspace, and also somewhat fucked up (in an intentional way) mostly in the lower frequency range where the bass fluctuates semi-randomly creating a bit of "unease" I suppose. Don't know yet if I should clean it up to a more solid tone or leave it like it is. At the moment I do prefer the organic sound it produces. The track has a pyramid structure like this:

    1st Half: Intro→A→B→C→D→C→B
    2nd Half: Long heavy drone section that combines A & B

    The short D section is partially based on one of my oldest released tracks "Celestial Plague" and it pierces the dark mood momentarily with it's much lighter nature. I was never really happy with "Celestial Plague". The way I made it left it half-assed and shitty. This is in a way a late "fix" to that.

    I am now also thinking about turning this into an EP (and dropping the last track) instead of a full-length.


    29 Oct 2011: My old PC's power supply shat itself so there are going to be more delays. I'm now on a new much more powerful PC which should help a lot in the long run.


    17 Nov 2011: 299792458 will most likely not be created. Instead, I am thinking of either extending the current second half of "Aeon Pulse" or making it an EP as stated earlier.

    The structure of Aeon Pulse still needs some work, the seams are not smooth enough and the mood appears to change too abruptly. I have an idea for "bridging" the sections together but I'm still in the progress of setting up the software to the state it was before so it'll take a while.


    4 Jan 2012: I have made a major decision to use the versions earlier released as "Work-in-progress" for both "Deadspace" and "Aeonic Pulse". The changes made to these tracks since then have in my estimation pushed them away from the concept.

    A name change has taken place again to better fit the content of the tracks. The old "Aeonic Pulse" is now "299792458", and the new "Aeonic Pulse" has been composed. It's the most minimal track on the release, and has a slow and heavy drone base with some melodic touch similar to "Longing for the Fallen Sun".

    As of now, the full structure of the release is complete and the length of the release is 44 minutes. Release should be imminent as soon as I assemble everything.
  • Dereleech - General update

    Ago 9 2011, 4h23

    I am working on several very different projects for Dereleech at the moment. Many of them have seen actual progress. This has both pros and cons. Having several different things to do gives me a choice on what to work on based on my mood, but at the same time it also slows down the progress for all of them.

    I should type a few words about these projects:

    - The upcoming full-length "Dominion" is going forward, although slowly. You can track its progress in detail here.

    - The second part of the "Textures" series is soon nearing the end stages. It will be an EP somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes long (haven't locked this yet). The title is "Ahtola" and it will contain two tracks, "Ahti" and "Vellamo". EDIT: Status updated as the EP will only contain one ~9 minute track.

    - I've experimented with (harsh) noise production and have built several decent setups to use. I have no idea yet what kind of stuff this will end up being, but I find the current test recordings vaguely reminiscent of certain tones on Uncertainty Principle's "Distant" album (without being similar to the actual music).

    - I've tried composing a few more ideas following the "Daybreak" type of new age influenced ambient but haven't figured out a real direction yet.

    - So far, most of my tracks have followed one constant: smooth/soft/"rounded" overall sound with lots of reverb and air. I've tried something a little bit different on the side: using almost unfiltered samples together with some weird sampling methods and a clearer overall sound. Describing the resulting sound is hard but to me it sounds a bit like being blindfolded in a room where somebody is operating a machine of some kind, but you can't be sure what's actually happening in that room.
  • Dereleech - Daybreak (free download)

    Jul 1 2011, 4h24

    A new single Daybreak by Dereleech is out now as a free download.

    01. Daybreak
    Total length: 7:22

    The title speaks for itself.

    Artist's comments:
    This was basically an experiment where I just sat down and composed a song from scratch in a few hours to see what I get. The total time put into this is probably somewhere around 5 hours and the "post-production" phase was minimal or nearly inexistent, so it has a kind of a raw and "clumsy" quality in some ways. The style itself isn't something I've explored with Dereleech that much. It's basically the brightest ambient piece I've done so far and has a bit of added new age influence, plus a droning section in the beginning. I do plan on using this song on a future lighter ambient album/EP (in its later more polished form of course). I'm happy with the result though and look forward to composing a full release in this style.

    Matti Tolkki - All compositions and arrangements

    Additional notes:
    - Composed, recorded and released on the 1st of July 2011.

    Download MP3 VBR V0 (12.04 MB)
  • Dereleech - Textures I: The Desert Calls My Name II (free download)

    Jan 8 2011, 6h59

    Textures I: The Desert Calls My Name II, an EP by Dereleech is out now as a free download.

    01. The Desert Calls My Name II
    Total length: 17:58

    Revisiting the improvised pieces on Downstream and approaching them from a different angle.

    Artist's comments:
    This is the first release in a series of "Textures" releases I've started to work on as kind of a side project. As the name suggests the intention is to create texture-based minimal atmospheres using very simple structures that slowly change over time. This first one is a revisit to the first album, mainly the two longer improvised pieces on it. The composition doesn't follow the originals but it's built upon a similar sound and atmosphere.

    Matti Tolkki - All compositions, arrangements and cover art

    Additional notes:
    - Composed and recorded during December 2010 - January 2011.
    - Release date: January 8, 2011.

    Download MP3 VBR V0 (27.4 MB) & FLAC (54.8 MB)
  • Dereleech "studio" diary: Dominion (upcoming full-length)

    Out 18 2010, 10h02

    So, it has been a while since I've worked on anything major in the musical area. The reasons for this are numerous, but the most notable ones were the countless hardware and software incompatibility problems that really killed a big portion of my motivation. The good news is that I've recently moved from 32-bit winXP to 64-bit win7 and so far all of the needed software is working smoothly without any noticeable problems. This means I'm back to being more active with the project(s). A new Dereleech album following "Servant of Entropy" is now under construction. Theme-wise it is going to be a direct continuation and conclusion to SoE. The working name of the album is Dominion and the current draft tracklist looks like this:

    The Queen of Two Domains (100% done) (3:33)
    Immolation (95% done) (5:35)
    Ascetic Path (100% done) (2:26)
    Scorchgrid (95% done) (4:23)
    Pools of Vigor (90% done) (5:38)
    Red Scenes on the Earthly Canvas (80% done) (2:49)
    Deathtrance (70% done) (4:28)
    Intra•Contra•Supra (10% done) (1:44)
    The Succubus (80% done) (4:32)

    (The lengths are taken from the newest test versions and are subject to change.)


    Original Entry: I've got several minutes of material sketched but I can't say much about the style yet. I just build on it until I arrive at a point where it feels complete, so I'm not sure how it'll turn out in the end. Currently, however, it kind of resembles something in between "Servant of Entropy" and "Longing for the Fallen Sun".


    4th Dec Update: The sound has drastically changed since the beginning. This is shaping up to be quite different compared to any of my previous releases. I started working on "The Queen of Two Domains" as a ritual ambient track and decided to place it as the opening track. Part of the song turned out to be in a somewhat weird time structure which I'm still uncertain of but I like it. Overall I'm happy with the drum sound being somewhere between organic tribal and electronics, which I feel also emphasizes the concept side of the track.

    Another track nearing completion is "Pools of Vigor" which has grown to be a mix of dark ambient and drone doom with some simplistic string orchestrations. The test recordings are still very raw but the aim is to create a balanced mix of massive drones and some "heavenly" atmospheres. The "distortion guitar" is going to be fully electronic and it's slightly bitcrushed to bring out an unnaturally monotonic drone.

    The track "Scorchgrid" is in the very beginning and I have a basic idea what it'll be like but it's too early to say anything more. I have also planned the "Harmony" trilogy to include pianos and possibly very heavy drones, but I haven't started on that yet.


    8th Dec Update: A total of about 15 minutes of material is done now. Started to build "Scorchgrid" and it's almost finished. The song basically turned out to be a mix of drone doom metal and dreamy ambient. It has some similarity in structure to "Longing for the Fallen Sun" in that it basically has one repeated section that evolves into the second main section and then fades out.

    Also some fine tuning for "The Queen of Two Domains" was done, still need to keep tweaking one of the instruments that I just can't seem to get to execute properly. The tribal drums also need a bit more character. The "Harmony" trilogy also got some piano and string structures sketched.

    I'm considering the production to be relatively lo-fi, but in a slightly different way compared to previous releases. I'm currently liking the slightly grainy sound of the unmixed draft recordings and I don't want to polish that sound much more than is needed to get the basic dynamics right.

    I guess a few words about the general theme and idea behind the "sequel" would be in order as well. The theme picks up where "Servant of Entropy" ended, which is the aftermath and realization of what happened during/after the antagonist's "crusade" from the observer's perspective. I wanted to create a second side to the same story, but in a very different style. And so far "Dominion" is shaping up to be like a brand new page for Dereleech, being more rhythm and melody based and much less centered on organic/structureless ambient.


    24th Dec Update: Cover art draft (or final, don't know yet) here.


    10th Jan Update: Hematemesis now has a nearly completed draft, but getting the sound right turned out to be a bit tricky. The really harsh and noisy drone that it has is hard to tame so that it doesn't drown everything else in the mix.

    If I had to describe the album according to the currently finished material, I would say that it's a pretty even mix of dark ambient, drone and drone doom metal, and has some additional noise and ritual ambient elements thrown in the mix.

    I've gotta say I have never been as excited about creating a release as is the case here. Initially it took a huge amount of painful preparation and trial&error to find all the right instruments and VST combinations to get a basis for the sound that I was looking for. So far I'm really happy with the results.

    The timeline is looking good and the best case scenario is that I manage to complete this by the end of January. It's possible that I'll release a single before the full release, but I'm not sure about that.


    18th Jan Update: Another short tribal/ritual ambient track called "Red Scenes on the Earthly Canvas" is now mostly finished. I added some dramatic, and perhaps a bit cheesy, brass fanfares to the song which added a certain "death march" feel to the simple tribal base.


    12th Feb Update: I've been having hardware problems recently (again) and the issues still remain unidentified/unresolved and they are severe enough to stop me from using heavy software involved in my work so this album is on hold until I can fix the situation. I may have to fall back on my older motherboard if my worst suspicions are true.


    25th Feb Update: Updated the draft tracklist.

    24th Mar Update: "The Succubus" is nearly finished. It's sort of like an "epic" and melancholic outro track to mirror the concept. I'm really happy with the result, I was able to get the feeling and atmosphere in place just as I intended. Even though it's very "outro-ish" it's still more or less a full song. It's my own favorite track on this release at the moment (but Scorchgrid comes close behind). I'd say the style is somewhere between dark ambient and funeral doom.

    Major adjustments were made to the "Hematemesis" riffs as well (which is possibly going to be moved over to the "Immolation" title later on).


    10th May Update: Changes to "The Succubus" in form of a new section and adjustments to instrument emphasis/power.

    Adjusted the flute-like instrument in "The Queen of Two Domains" to both contrast & emphasize the brass making the progression sound a bit more chaotic/disorienting.


    19th June Update: The old "Hematemesis" now changed to "Immolation", and work on the new Hematemesis has begun. The song is a bit like funeral doom but doesn't have the usual extreme melancholy in the sound. Hard to explain really, it sounds a bit mysterious I guess, for the lack of a better word (kind of has a similar feel to "Pools of Vigor" of which I posted an early version on soundcloud a while ago). It's probably the most "doom" song so far though, and I want to push the production sound to be really grainy on this one so that the only thing clean in it is the higher orchestral components (strings/brass/flute). Have to admit the drums are shitty on it atm, I really need to figure out how to compose better drum tracks in general as well. I usually resort to a very simple rhythmic thing that just smoothly accompanies the piece, and most of the time those work just fine for Dereleech's purposes but this new style is such a huge change that I simply need to rethink a lot of stuff when it comes to rhythm and percussion.

    I've also had this thought of including vocals (low growls) on this new "Hematemesis" track. That is yet to be decided but it seems like it would work nicely. This brings me to another point: I've got several small passages of lyrics/concept writings that I kind of use to drive the musical direction and vice-versa. I will perhaps publish these writings together with the album, even if they're not featured as vocals on the actual album.

    I've also learned a lesson from the earlier entries of this studio diary. I will now tell myself to NEVER even try to estimate the release date. I can't believe I actually thought I could finish this by the end of January like I said in one of the early posts. It was a time when I was making huge progress because I had the time to work on it a lot, and I was simply overestimating the potential. Then the fucking hardware problems came up and all that shit. Even if the hardware problems weren't there I would never have finished this so fast. I will calmly use whatever time I need and then release the album when it's finished. This largely depends on the free time I have.


    27th July Update: The new "Hematemesis" is now pretty much scrapped and I started to work on it from scratch. It just didn't work in the end and was too hard to chisel into form.

    Added a new track "Her Gaze" which continues as a minimal noisy drone right from the last section of "Immolation" and is also kind of a prelude or a bridge to "Scorchgrid".

    Removed "Elemental Cascade" from the tracklist.

    The progress has been hindered by several different reasons, one of the being that I'm working on a few separate releases now.


    29th August Update: The title of "Her Gaze" changed to "Ascetic Path" due to fundamental changes in the track's nature. One section of "The Queen of Two Domains" extended, nearly finished. Rearranged tracklist.


    31st August Update: "Ascetic Path" and "The Queen of Two Domains" finished. "Immolation" revamped almost completely to better fit its place, it's now a two section song (noisy drone -> some kind of funeral doom-ish sound). I'm thinking it might get some quiet low growls or other voices/vocals but I haven't decided that yet. Other than that it's nearly finished. It's likely that I'll extend both of the sections because I feel it needs to go on for a bit longer for the underlying feel to fully come forth. Same for "Ascetic Path", even though as a song it's "finished".

    Not far to go anymore. I still have to create two songs from scratch but I already have a general idea for them. Then just fine-tune everything and I'm done.


    5th September Update: "Your Words Mean Nothing to Me" removed and replaced by "Deathtrance" which is another tribal-scented melancholic dark ambient piece. It has a slow pulsating rhythm and a repetitive melodic concept which is mostly lead by a noisy distorted synth and backed by smoother ambient "strikes" while simple djembe beats keep the pace. The skeleton of the song is finished but it's one of those songs that need excessive attention to detail before it's truly finished (a few portions of the overall spectrum still sound kind of empty). It has a calmer wall-of-sound approach, much less abrasive than many of the other tracks so far. I also just realised that it reminds me of Forteresse's soundscape on "Les hivers de notre époque" because of the distorted synth.


    1st February (2012) Update: No progress since September. Still having a hard time restoring the old setup. I've demoted this project to a secondary status for now as I'm working on other projects that I'm more interested in at the moment.
  • DNR, a new "old" minor Dereleech release

    Abr 25 2010, 1h25

    DNR, an old unfinished single of Dereleech is out now as a free download.

    01. DNR v1
    02. DNR v2

    Total length: 16:12


    Artist's comments:
    DNR is an older piece of drone / dark ambient that I found lying around in one of my testing folders. DNR was going to be part of Servant of Entropy, and I remember scrapping it because I didn't like the dynamics of its flow and it felt out of place on the album's context. After revisiting these test versions I felt I could just release it anyway. Don't consider this to be a proper new release; It's unfinished, unpolished and just crude in general. Two different test versions of the song are provided and they are mixed in a slightly different way. DNR v2 has also been shortened a bit and it contains some audio clipping which I felt wasn't worth fixing. No FLAC version this time, no gain from a higher bitrate.

    Matti Tolkki - All compositions and arrangements

    Additional notes:
    - Composed and recorded somewhere between 2008 and 2009.
    - Release date: April 25, 2010.
    - Influenced by SleepResearch_Facility & Aeoga.

    Download VBR MP3 (35.58 MB)
  • A single "Longing for the Fallen Sun" by Dereleech out now (free download)

    Jun 12 2009, 9h19

    Longing for the Fallen Sun, a single by Dereleech is out now as a free download.

    01. The Fleeting Light
    02. Longing for the Fallen Sun
    Total length: 7:22

    Winter in the far north.

    Artist's comments:
    This short release is trying to capture the essence of a mystical untouched winter landscape. The "darkness" and "coldness" is being presented in a more pleasant way instead of employing darker horror-like elements, coarse sound generation/samples or other dark ambient elements. "The Fleeting Light" uses one track of guitar based sound generation, the rest of the material is completely based on electronics. The structures and melodies are once again simple/repetitive and for the most part used as a "growth plate" for the atmospheric drifts. This was originally supposed to be a bit longer and an EP, but I decided to shorten it and make it a single. If I don't count the long breaks between working on this it's easily the least time I've spent working on a release.

    Matti Tolkki - All compositions and arrangements

    Additional notes:
    - Composed and recorded during May 2009.
    - Release date: June 12, 2009.
    - Influenced by Jeremy Soule, Nest, Arcana & Jääportit.

    Download VBR MP3 (13.47 MB)