Summertunes - Dance


Abr 12 2008, 6h31

With the calendar having reached april and the weather approaching something bearable even in Scandinavia, it's no wonder that the record companies are preparing themselves for the top tracks due to be released during the springtime and early summer.

2 weeks ago, the Winter Music Seminar took place in Miami, and was a real eyeopener for DJ's and record company associates from all over the world. Especially for those connected with dance music, anyways.

Having strolled throug the interweb, lots of interesting records have come to my attention and are listed below. Please don't hesitate to add your own if you feel like it and share the same wievs on Dance music.

4 Minutes

Timbaland has done it again. One of the worlds most productive producers have once agin put his own recording career on pause to produce this monsterhit in the making - Madonna hooking up with Justin Timberlake for a nice laid back r'n'b track, which will no doubt prove hugely successfull come june.

Speed Up
Hailing from Holland, Funkerman actually initially released this track 2 years ago, but now it has reached the hands of some of the more influential DJ's and thus receive the acclaim, this brilliant track deserves.

Cold Shoulder (Basement Jaxx Clasical Mix)
Adele are building on her massive succes with "Chasing Pavement from her debut album. Inspired by the succes of Amy Winehouse, Adele is being remixed by House legends Basement Jaxx, and this track now allmost have a "Kraftwerk"-sound to it. This track will be released on April 20th, but is available for pre-order at various shops on the internet.


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