Getting more use out of these.


Jan 28 2010, 6h05

Maybe instead of writing all my thoughts on random scraps of paper I could put them here... Music related thoughts that is.
I find myself wondering if you end up liking music which reminds you of certain people or events, or if you like the music because the event helps you to relate to what the artist is saying.
For that matter, which groups are just pushing out songs for your listening pleasure? And which ones simply find that song is the best outlet for their emotional discharge?
I guess it doesn't really matter, it's all for entertainment in the end.
I've been getting into songwriting lately, without the intention of ever actually doing anything with them, in that respect I feel that they are more sincere. Feeling as if someone is looking over your shoulder all the time, urging you to put out the next best thing must put a lot of pressure on the creative mind. There is always some anger and some disappointment to be had when someone puts their hands on your work, and the only feedback they offer is "it's good".
Thank you.


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