Suburban legends show at Kilby Court


Abr 8 2009, 18h19

Friday was Suburban Legends at Kilby Court, I didn’t have any desire to go to the show until Suburban Legends went on the lineup. It seemed to be kind of last minute as if they were passing through and just wanted to do a show. I knew it would be good no matter what if they were playing.

Kilby court gets alot of play as the local "indie" place for shows. And alot artists show up, some are quite big. However I wish the effort of exerted to play shows existed with a better venue. Kilby Court is basically a 3 car garage with a raised platform in the corner for the band. It’s an all ages show which means that it’s mostly populated by high school kids and their local bands.

Ska kids can really piss me off sometimes and this place was full. The acting nerdy just to be anti-popular bugs me and I noticed a lot of people like that. However a lot of other people were legitimately there just to have a good time.

First up was Illegal Beagle, they were ok but very rough around the edges. Typical local band, I wonder if they’ll still be around after the kids graduate high school? So many things change then that it’s very doubtful. They had guitar string issues but handled it well in the down time in between.
The stupid venue doesn’t allow covers because they don’t pay the licensing fees; but at least they waited until the end of “Nightclub” before cutting them off.

When The Skaficinados started warming up they played a few chords of “Nightclub” before the owner cranked up the house sound to drown them out. Which is ironic because they were playing house music off an ipod and I believe and that means they need to pay royalties on that.

Suburban Legends still have decent swag table but not the out of print CD I want; but I needed a new hoodie anyway.

I’ve heard The Skaficionados before and I remember that they were surprisingly good for a new local band. They need to get some cds for sale and start venturing out and about. The lead singer has got good energy to lead a band and the horn section makes a good backup. The songs are a good variety of slow and fast although I’d stick to the more upbeat songs rather than so many old ska songs.

Unfortunately Patent Pending didn’t show up.

Suburban Legends were awesome as usual, but Kilby Courts no covers rule cut into the fun. Making lemonade out of lemons the just played the 30 seconds of about 10 songs (I guess they’re allowed to do upto 30 seconds). Even though it is a small venue they did a good job of getting everybody gong and filling the room with energy, even coming back for a 20 minute encore.

All in all a good show, but not the best venue.


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