Hilarious Album Covers


Fev 14 2009, 1h02

I’d probably believe in Jesus too if I had married him.

I’m speechless. And in awe of the 70’s.

Once again the 70’s were an amazing time in the US, whenever I think we’ve gone over the top I think back to the 70’s. I notice the bottom center “facet” of roger is the porno blow-job facet.

I’m a skinny white computer nerd and I don’t need two spotters when doing a military press with 25’s, yet he’s getting the girls. Even the spotters are wondering why the hell they’re there.

Whenever I think the 70’s were over the top I remember the 80’s.
Amazingly “First Strike” wasn’t their last strike.

I don’t know if it’s possible for more bad ideas to collide on one album. I think the start was naming their band “Fireballet”. There isn’t a lot of good ways to make a rocker band out of that name. I guarantee whichever member it was that suggested this has been secretly dressing like this in private for years. I pretty sure it was the guy on the far right.

This album is mildly disturbing except for the guy on the far right. He’s way too pumped for this picture. Although the scarf around the neck is faaaabulous!
The blond guy in the middle is demonstrating how tight black jeans pulled up past the belly-button can perform home vasectomies.

I was going to make fun of this but decided against it considering I have their greatest hits album.
S, A, T-U-R, D-A-Y, Night!

After going to Japan and getting used to Asian music, this Korean album is far less frightening.
America Santa Claus Christmas Number 1!

Do you know how many baby demins were killed and skinned to make the outfits for for this picture?

Nothing scares me more than Christian Music. Marilyn Manson has nothing on these people.

You know when somebody making the cover for Arthur Fiedler asks, “What should be do for an album cover?” And somebody replies, “What about Saturday night FIELDER! HA-HA-HA!”
That’s your cue to say, “No, seriously what should we do.” before an accident like this happens.

I remember that guy in the middle telling me I “Need more flair” on my uniform.
What a Bevis.

…Steve Irwin’s songs of the sea.
-ouch, too soon?

Seriously, if the photo shoot for your album cover doesn't turn out well, take the time to get another self portrait.

Slightly disturbing, kind of absurd… That’s right, it’s another Christian Music Record.
The cool thing is that she doesn’t just drink a glass of water while the Dummy is talking, she walks on the water.

And talks to trees too apparently.

How come none of these “Music to <blank>by” records we’re ever sponsored by condom companies?

More of the fun Christian Recordings. Except the woman on the far left; that girl is an alien here to take over their organization from the inside. I saw it on “Mars attacks”.

I’m going to hell. I see an Christian album cover and all I can think of is how I want those four daughters on the left to feel MY “salvation”.

I'm God's Child?? …That may be but the three kids on the right were Satan’s children and went on to become a heroin dealer, a serial-killing prostitute, and the CEO of Enron.

Workout videos are really invented for bored husbands to fantasize over.

But back in the 50’s-60’s all men could do was get a vinyl album and listen while they looked at the cover.

I’m pretty sure the end comes in a Sex Scandal.

Well I guess anybody can get their own album.
There’s a guy at work who look exactly like this, he’s second on my list of “People most likely to go on a killing spree at work.” behind the gun nut who likes to talk about the best way he would dispose of a body.

I guess this proves pedophilia existed in the 70’s. What parent would condone and album like this?

I don’t believe Frat House Parties ever took place without at least 5 kegs and 10 gallons of KY.
Although the thought of fully clothed girls at a frat party is nice, if quaint.

I know people who drive hummers, wear combat boots, and get hard-ons listening to military cadences. But mention the fact that the Army is in desperate need of new recruits and watch the excuses come flying.

Comrade! You will have state sponsored fun! Or the KGB officer dancing with the 12 year old will arrest you!

How can you look more stereotypically Jewish? If this was really a non-Jewish comedian taking the piss you'd see people up-at arms about how racist they were.

So which came first, ripping off Kiss’s makeup/outfits, or Ripping off Kiss’s double consonant name?

Duude. Laser Floyd at the planetarium.

I think a lot of albums started with an excuse to get hot chicks. “Good, now the inside cover is going to be the toga girls punishing me by spanking. Places Everybody!”

This is the pickup line I use on women at the bar.


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