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Jun 29 2007, 21h38

Sorry this isn't really a journal, it's just a list of things I want fixed.
"These aren't the droids you're looking for"
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Incorrect artists for the track:
Incense And Peppermints

offline scrobbling

fjmsoftware said:
Success! :)

And since I finally managed to do what the topic title says, here's the "recipe", for posterity:

(Assumptions: you have a home computer that's properly connected to the Internet, you have the Last.FM client properly installed and you can scrobble everything you play in Winamp normally; you have another computer somewhere else that's totally disconnected from the Internet and you have Winamp on it - you want to be able to scrobble from that one too.)

1. At home, open the registry, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\\Client, right-click "Client" in the tree view on the left, select "Export" and save as a .reg file (e.g. USER.reg).

2. Still in the registry, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\\Client, right-click "Client" and "Export" it as another .reg file (e.g. MACHINE.reg).

3. Get a portable storage device you know you're going to be able to connect to the offline computer and copy these files to it:
- USER.reg
- Last.FM Client installer (.exe)
- ml_wa2_scrobbler.dll from your \Winamp\Plugins directory

4. Take the storage device to your offline computer and copy ml_wa2_scrobbler.dll to the \Winamp\Plugins directory there (don't use any other Audioscrobbler .dll at the same time, it may prevent both of them from working).

5. Start the Client installer and go through everything normally until it asks you for your Last.FM username and password. Click [Cancel].

6. Double-click USER.reg, click [Yes], click [OK]. Double-click MACHINE.reg, click [Yes], click [OK].

7. Open the registry and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\\Client. Edit the string value "Path" to reflect your actual Client installation directory (I think the separator should be either "\\" or "/", as in "C:\\Directory\\Directory\\Lastfm.exe" or "C:/Directory/Directory/Lastfm.exe"; I used the second and it worked).

8. Restart Windows (at my workplace, a Logoff is enough to make it re-read the registry) and you're all set to scrobble the next time you start Winamp.

Then it's just a matter of routinely transporting the .xml as instructed earlier, i.e. don't leave it on the offline computer - so you don't end up transporting the same scrobbles again - and don't overwrite the one you have on the online computer - if you do have one with the exact same name, start the client to make the upload and thus get rid of it, then close the client and copy the transported one in its place.

Thanks for the tips, everyone!

fjmsoftware said:
(Last post on this subject, I promise. :P)

One more thing: you can streamline the submission process (after you transport some offline scrobbles to your online computer) if you create a batch file (e.g. transport.bat) containing something like this:

IF EXIST "C:\Documents and Settings\The_Ogre\Local Settings\Application Data\\Client\fjmsoftware_submissions.xml" GOTO HAVEONE

MOVE G:\fjmsoftware_submissions.xml "C:\Documents and Settings\The_Ogre\Local Settings\Application Data\\Client\"
START D:\Software\Last.FM\LastFM.exe

ECHO === Local submissions file present! Reconnect the Client to upload it and then try again. ===


Just replace:
- The_Ogre with your WindowsXP username
- fjmsoftware with your Last.FM username
- G: with the drive letter of your portable storage device
- D:\Software\Last.FM\ with the Last.FM Client installation path on your online computer.

Now you can just start this .bat (you can have a shortcut to it etc.) every time you bring "home" a new submissions (.xml) file and want to upload everything immediately. If you get the "... submissions file present!" message, stop your Last.FM Client manually, make sure you're connected to the Internet, start it again and wait to see a message like "Submitting <number> scrobbles" in its status bar and then you can try with the .bat again.


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