• Android Lust stole the show

    Fev 26 2011, 8h03

    Fri 25 Feb – Brown Out w/ MTV Desi

    Overall it was a good show but Android Lust stood out among the other bands (the ones that showed up anyway). Well I am also fairly biased as the thought of leaving after Android Lust crossed my mind. But I did stay. All of the bands except *insert band here* were well worth watching. And with such a low ticket price I felt like I got more than my monies worth.

    Most of the the shows issues seemed to result from poor origination or some form of miscommunication between the organizers. It seemed poorly organized from the start. To tickets not going on sale until 2 weeks or so before the show. And not even being able to get a response from the venue on what the price would be. Until I just happened o look and see the tickets were up. I also announced the nights line up back in January and it did not even last 24 hours before twitter had deleted it. But then you get bands saying 3 days before the show that they did not have enough prior notice. And to top it off Pianos is a great venue ,hell I've been there several times before, but it just did not feel like the right venue for this event.

    But this is all stuff that should not need to be said. Good bands make good music then managers try to stick their hands in everyone's pocket and you know the rest.

    I'm sorry for not giving a breakdown for each band but I'm too tired and no one should read this anyways. If you do read all of this I require a 2,500 word essay on why you wasted your time reading my crap on my desk by Monday.