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Pandering to the Locals! 7:11 2
Weathermen Have Become, for the Most Part, Obsolete 2
women, please rinse off your vagina and anus 2
My Child is Enthralling, Especially When It Says Something Unexpectedly Precocious… 2
A Rapid Series of Comical Noises 3:57 2
certain people in government look or act like certain pop culture references 4:51 2
i've taken a popular contemporary pop song and changed the lyrics to comment on the… 3:16 2
although indigent, rural families have little say in the matter, their meager, third… 2:48 2
when it comes to jews, behavior one might perceive as obnoxious and annoying I… 6:01 2
even though i am inh the closet, that won't prevent me from getting cheap laughs at… 2:37 2
when all is said and done, i am lonely and miserable and barely able to mask my… 12:52 2
Sex on the Internet!?
8:06 1
Lunch With Frankenstein
1:30 1
Phone Call from a Cranky Terrorist
5:00 1
Austin Powers Saying "Yeah Baby"
11:12 1
"You, Go Girl!"
2:28 1