The Format (Piebald, Steel Train, Limbeck, Reuben's Accomplice) @ Higher Ground


Ago 21 2007, 17h13

Sat 18 Aug – The Format, Piebald, Limbeck, Steel Train, Reubens Accomplice

About time I reviewed this show. I'll keep it short and to the point, because I could easily gush forever about that evening.

Reubens Accomplice: Showed up a little late, so I missed a bit of their set. They seemed disinterested though, I don't think I would've noticed if every other band hadn't been so excited to play. Even still, sounded good, nothing mind-blowing, but a solid performance. I'll be checking out the new album.

Limbeck: Did not expect Limbeck to come out next, but certainly won't complain about it. Incredible stuff from these guys, the Limbeck self-titled is a solid listen, it'll end up somewhere in the 20's on my end of the year chart. Also, have to give props to Robb for wearing a Neutral Milk Hotel shirt. Fine choice indeed.

Steel Train: I normally cannot stand Steel Train. Their old material is so horribly boring, I'd rather sleep than listen to their full-length. Hell, I didn't even want to show up for this set. Boy would that've been a mistake. Steel Train's full length is going to turn a lot of heads, and if sounds as good recorded as it did live, it could easily be an album of the year contender for me.

Piebald: For 15 years they've been great. They put on a hell of a show, Travis is the man, everything about Piebald is just awesome. To hear the next day that this is their last tour couldn't make me more glad to have seen this show. Piebald are "legends" of the scene, so to speak, and deserve to be remembered for what they accomplished. If Accidental Gentlemen had the polish of other releases, it would have reached a lot more people, one of my favorite releases from the genre this year.

The Format: The Format is the best pop band in the world right now. Why they aren't huge and all over the radio is an absolute mystery to me. This was easily the best performance I've ever seen from a band, just a flawless performance. It was possibly the best hour and a half of my life. I don't know what else I can say

1. Dog Problems
2. The First Single
3. Wait, Wait, Wait
4. breaking thru
5. I'm Ready, I Am
6. Snails
7. Tune Out
8. Tie the Rope
9. Janet
10. Inches and Falling
11. On Your Porch
12. She Doesn't Get It
13. If Work Permits
14. The Compromise
15. Caravan


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