• tomcatha

    Carcass's early work is grindcore or death/grind up to their 3'd album. After that they became melo death. The track you heared is a example of their (worse) melodeath output. Their earlier work is certainly worth checking out Decapitated and morbid angel are both worth checking out futher in depth aswell. The other death metal bands except at the gates are all rather boring.

    Ago 26 2008, 15h31
  • Kapitankraut

    You're welcome to your opinions about Decapitated and Morbid Angel, but I won't be racing to check either band out given what I've heard and my tastes in music.

    Ago 26 2008, 22h37
  • DessPL

    You've certainly failed saying Carcass' vocals on No Love Lost are 'frankly awful' ;D

    Ago 27 2008, 19h54
  • Kapitankraut

    Actually, no I haven't. You've certainly misunderstood that what I'm writing here is a collection of my opinions. Your opinion on those vocals clearly differs from mine, but that doesn't make mine wrong or yours right. Aren't opinions beautiful like that?

    Ago 27 2008, 22h37
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