Charts - 30/3-6/4/08


Abr 7 2008, 9h48

Another good diverse week, featuring a very large number of plays as I try to get all the good music onto the iPod before I leave.

7. Bongo Maffin
Kwaito. Urban South African hip-hop/r'n'b. In other words, entirely fantastic and almost entirely brainless. A lot of fun, and one of my favourite things to hear all year so far.

7. Huun-Huur-Tu
The throat-singing truly is as fantastic as I thought it was years ago when I first met it.

7. Dervish
They took part in Eurovision last year (good grief, was it only last year?) with a song that could've been so much better, but their non-ESC output is the same lovely Irish folk that everyone loves the world over. I was pleasantly surprised at how the lead singer sounds when she's actually singing in tune. And in Irish, for that matter.

7. Habana Abierta
Cuban music done just right, with all that fiery Latin-American sound and the dance rhythms everyone loves. This isn't the Buena Vista by any means - it's louder and it's right under your window.

3. Tom Waits
I know he's one of the greats of the modern age, and I agree with that, but I prefer his earlier beer-soaked songs to his later experimental stuff.

3. The Tannahill Weavers
Scottish folk, which isn't something you hear as often (particularly not with the great Highland bagpipe in the mix). Definitely a find, though. These guys are solid.

3. Pacha Massive
More world fusion, this time of a Latino bent. Not quite sold on this lot, but I'll give them another shot.

3. Watcha Clan
Too much fusion, not enough world, frankly. Leave aside the vaguely Arabic sounds here and there, and this is just standard-issue dance music.

2. Ibrahim Ferrer Con Los Bocucos
More Cuban music, this time from one of the grand old men of the style. A pretty impressive disc, this, although most Cuban music of that vintage is.

1. Iron Maiden
About time this lot showed up in my top 10. I greatly enjoy the Maidens, despite how cheesy they can sometimes sound. Lots of fun all round.


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