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  • dawla

    In fact,I haven't seen demonstration for years since it's forbidden in mainland .I agree that it's kind of way to show the opinions of the youth. While I'm bit worried that if it's overly formal rather than real terms,since as you know,in Taiwan,there're even more demonstrations or fights (especially when comes the election),which lead to some injures .For me,it's better for the youth to find a way which directly lead them to a dialouge with the govenors without conflicts with the police for the case of personal safety. Yeah, the only way to solve the problems is to confront with it. After you gets familiar with the new environment,everything will go well for sure ;) And I will always support you here ;P Fortunately,the professor has allowed me to take the courses of master at the same time recover the credits of bachelor, in this way the time will be shortened xP

    4 Out 10h27 Responder
  • dawla

    Hi,dear! Not that bad, thanks! Yeah,still in Italy.I just took an oral entrance exam >< The professor had told me that I have to recover some credits for the bachelor's degree ( for about 2 years) and then I‘m able to take the course for master (another 2 years). In this case,I need to remain here for about 4 years xD Here comes the moment to make a dicision. Warm welcome!! I also hope to go visit Spain one day in the future ;) Never doubt about yourself, I believe that you could overcome all the difficulties as long as you lives life to its full potentials ;) And glad to know that you has good colleages.'Cause its very important to with them to share happiness, to discuss the work, and to resolve problems together.Wish you a wonderfull time with the kids and colleages:D

    18 Set 21h44 Responder
  • Gui1denstern

    Greetings from Seattle! You have a great library.

    29 Mai 5h30 Responder
  • nochederock

    Que va, tenía ganas de ir, pero al final no pude. Estuvo mi cuñado y me trajo un disco de recuerdo. :) Oye, ya que paso por aquí te dejo mi programa de radio, por si te apetece fisgar - http://www.ivoox.com/926-ulver-sunn-o-the-audios-mp3_rf_3017505_1.html

    17 Abr 10h49 Responder
  • dawla

    Wow,happy to know that everything goes well on your side,hope that you would enjoy the vocation and have a good time~!! Yeah,it's the same in Italy ;) I only had a short visit to Venice before,for transforming the train to udine(where I go for study) xP ...definetly need to visit this city again~! Oh,just searched for pics of Madrid,it's really a beautiful city with so many magnificent architectures,guess that there're colourful cultures and many interesting activities ;D

    14 Abr 19h44 Responder
  • nochederock

    Muy chulo tu blog :) He llegado hasta aquí buscando a la persona que subió la foto de 竜馬四重奏 y me encuentro con una fan de Nightwish, que cosas tiene la vida XD

    2 Abr 17h09 Responder
  • dawla

    Hi,dear! Hope that everything goes well on your side :) I'm now in italy,learning the language til September at a small city named Udine not far from Venice,don't knowif I could luckily enough to register to the university later...wish I would deal with those things well and get the chance to visit you in Spain someday xP

    1 Abr 0h36 Responder
  • Blue_Blood82

    ThanX for the add :)

    25 Mar 13h21 Responder
  • BaristaExpress

    TY for adding me as a music friend Ms. Kaoru. Please feel free to take any music from my library that your heart desires. Always Have A Wonderful Music Filled Day.

    22 Mar 14h21 Responder
  • Kaoru_Alchino

    Oh really? That's nice ^-^ Me too moved out from my beloved city and I miss for it...

    15 Jan 12h29 Responder
  • Kaoru_Alchino

    Why do ask? You know Poland? Been here before, or maybe you are going to come here? :)

    14 Jan 10h14 Responder
  • Kaoru_Alchino

    I'm from Bielsko-Biala, and now I live near Belchatow :)

    13 Jan 9h18 Responder
  • dawla

    Oh,he's so young and so cute...exactly,here we call teachers"老師",it's said that the word is derived from "the Records of the Historian".Haha,yes, maybe people from oriental countries are relatively shy,especially in public places like school. In fact,as I remembered,during the time of primary school,teachers were rather stern and serious roles,childrens more or less felt fear...It's really commendable for teachers to treat kids kindly and warmly like you,to know to be loved and learn to love others is such a wonderful thing :) Guess that teaching is not only imparting konwledge but also exchanging ideas,promoting friendly relations...nowadays,teachers here begin to put more emphasis on emotinal communication. Hope that you would have a lot more great times with all the lovely students! Oh,thanks,me too,so nice to have the chance to share feelings and ideas with you. And I would try hard to make it happen,the meeting^^

    11 Jan 2h35 Responder
  • Kaoru_Alchino

    Hello! Oh yes :D Nick, age, taste...I already like You! ^-^

    8 Jan 14h20 Responder
  • dawla

    Wish you all the very best in the new year :) Yes,here the spring Festival will be 31 Jan this year. Hope that one day we could meet in Spain or Italy, if you like :P And really thanks for your company here ,no matter how life changes, music and friends like you will be always my great treasures.

    3 Jan 3h17 Responder
  • dawla

    Feliz año nuevo~!! :D

    1 Jan 11h57 Responder
  • dawla

    Hi, dear! Thanks for your concern. Feliz Navidad! Wishing you and your family have a wonderful time together. So great to know that you enjoy the work in Madrid, believe that you'll achieve your goal finally with your passion, talent and daily hard work ,pls carry on! :) I finished Italian class at level B1 and handed out the application for further study in italy for MA . Don’t know whether all things will go well, I’m bit of upset and tired. Sorry,it seems that I have forgotten how to write in English xD

    24 Dez 2013 Responder
  • Kaoru_Alchino

    Thx for the invite ^^ HIM, Apocalyptica, BUCK-TICK...<3 Great taste!!

    19 Dez 2013 Responder
  • Emirii96

    Thanks for the add ;) Nice music taste ;p

    28 Nov 2013 Responder
  • dawla

    Fine, thanks! Never mind :) Contratulations!! I haven't heared that good news.It's the time to make decisions if you get offers from two company at the sametime. Comparing the advantages and disadvantages,and then follow your intuition :P I belive that you would make a good choice and a wonderful life will be there for you. Good luck!! Yeah,now I'm taking language class during workdays while working for music site as part-time job . If I were lucky enough to pass the exam later and to accomplish the pre-registration,I would get the chance to take entrance exam abroad and maybe, study abroad next year.But it seems to be quite difficult as the communication with universities in italia didn't go well . I sent emails to universities to ask for details of disciplines while the answers back from secretaries were mostly ambiguous or off the point = = Yeah,it's amazing to know Mana supports Kamijo~!! Maybe they will make more beautiful works together~!!

    7 Set 2013 Responder
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