While Waiting For The End Of The World


Out 20 2008, 10h32

...is the name of the new album by Egotrippi. Catchy title eh? Very contemporary. Not the music itself though, it's very 60's and very hopeful despite the gloomy theme. Not as good as their previous album but still a solid release. See you next month at the gig!

I've been quite the indie tweet lately. I bought Sun Giant EP and Fleet Foxes by Fleet Foxes and a 7" single Fools by The Dodos. Before I know it, I'll be growing my own carrots and soy beans at the back yard.

These days Justice makes sure my ass is on the dance. Had to pick up DVNO and Cross on the 12". That shit's heavy fo sho. I still don't like D.A.N.C.E. though.

Deltron 3030 is coming back any day now. Been listening to The Instrumentals while waitin'. Ya innit' for tha Gorillaz? Deltron 3030 is for you.

Slipknot made a new album too. All Hope Is Gone is the name. It is one of their good ones. The dvd that came with it was a bit of a let down. It only had some video cam material with hardly any visual narration. You could've at least thrown in the new video...

Man I liked Empire so I had to buy the self titled debut Kasabian since it was a cheap one. Is the new one in the works yet lads?

It was about time I got on the 2008 train. Vampire Weekend's it and the download code that came with the LP was the first download code that worked up here in the wastelands of the European Union. As if I haven't been listening to them already...

I went to see Déclassé on the 15th and it was a cool gig even if there wasn't much audience. Decided to cheer them up and bought a 12" of their great hit Shadows. It's got a remix by Jori Hulkkonen. The remix was okay but nothing special.
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  • nidorbikin

    This summer when The Dodos were in Gothenburg I got to see them like 20 minutes or so because of the long queue... But I was lost in the massive energy as soon as I set my foot inside that door.

    Out 27 2008, 22h17
  • Kaitju

    Cool, that's great to hear :)

    Out 28 2008, 7h16
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