Midnight to Kill!


Dez 21 2006, 6h58

It's past midnight right now, I need some time to kill and I'm not tired one bit. Maybe it was that chocolate I ate, eh. Well I'm so bored as hell and I was browsing around and came across a journal by someone by the name of Yorac...that dude seems funny so I stole his idea after he stole his from someone else. and I put down my 15 playing tracks and add "In My Pants" after the title and add comments and such. Prior to this I have discovered there is a similiar one circulated on bolt2.com where instead you add "between my legs"...I'll save that for a future entry ;) Need not mind; I. am. BORED.

okay, let's boogie!

1. The Lonely Dead The Lonely Dead in my pants

HA! Not really. Well for now anyway my dude just broke up with me :(

2.Highway Song Highway Song in my pants

ugh...rather not comment on this one

3.Forever Forever in my pants

Hmm I wonder what, well whatever it is...I effing wish!!

4.Lucid Interval Lucid Interval in my pants


5.Severed Severed in my pants

ouch man! all I can say is at least I'm a girl...

6.Your God Your God in my pants

holy crap...it's getting heated! ha!! convert YOU into a christian!

7.Deathbox Deathbox in my pants

hell yes. dressed to kill, BITCH.

8. Tattered and Torn Tattered and torn in my pants

Yes, I am such a little slut aren't I?

9.The Descent The descent in my pants

oh yeah I'm heading to big time now...

10. Touch of Red Touch of red in my pants

o_O now, that was SO un-called for!

11.Senses Tied Senses tied in my pants

aw..you make me blush!

12.A Bid Farewell A bid farewell in my pants

talk about dramatic, jeebus.

13.Enter Sandman Enter sandman in my pants


14.Distance Distance in my pants.


15.Wake Up Wake up in my pants

(yeah I know, the song: SO unlikely but she's cool)


Okey Dokey that concludes it. Well it wasn't as funny as I anticipated but HEY! My future one will probably be 3x as funny. #10 made me giggle a bunch. Until next time....


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