finally, the fucking top 40 of 2011. .


Jan 14 2012, 3h09

the best rekkids of 2011
2001 fucking blew ass. While many mellowed out, I felt more and more like DESTROYING EVERYTHING. . .and my choices this year reflect that. It was a disappointing year in many many many ways. . . .but musically, we made out okay I think (even with the sheer amount of disappointing music there was from unexpected sources).

This took really fucking long, because my computer kept taking a shit. . . .so. . . . I'm just posting it now so I can get to the new years releases. .. not that I've heard any of them yet.

40. Ringo Deathstarr - Colour Trip
bloody valentines, mary chains and 80s Al B Sure break beats (no, seriously, listen to the last track). . .it's all here.

39. Ulcerate - Destroyers of All
the "i see what you did there" album of the year. It's not the kind of thing I ever thought I'd hear, and it's kind of still sinking in even now.

38. Elitist - Fear in a Handful of Dust
Season of Mist had a pretty high profile release this year, but I personally think this one should be getting more attention. It's one of the dirtiest things to come out all year, and there were several similar records that should have sounded just like this but just fell short, so it stands out to me even more.

37. Will Haven - Voir Dire
Singer comes back = Will Haven sounds like Will Haven again. I don't get it, but it looks like that's all it took. It's not complete throwback though, Will haven progress in what i think is the most natural direction for them. . . . the 8-string gargantuan doom of a Black Sheep Wall.

36. Alienation Mental Alienation Mental
Antigama didn't come out with an album this year. Which is too bad. . .but Alienation Mental, for their final album, gave us the next best thing.

35. Disma - Toward the Megalith
they fucking crush

34. Leviathan - True Traitor True Whore
first of all, best album title of the year. second of all, young metalcore bands take note, THIS is how you write an album about an ex-lover (meaning, you don't unless they're trying to get you locked up)

33. Meek Is Murder - Algorithms
I at first wondered if maybe he liked new Converge a little too much. . . .but no, he likes them enough that he made a better Converge record than Axe to Fall.

32. Autopsy - Macabre Eternal
while certain death metal comebacks were far less than rewarding, Autopsy's long awaited new full length delivered. . . .modern production or not.

31. Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Kaputte nackte Affen
another farewell album, JaKa ride off into the sunset with an album as easy to get into as the last two.

30. Inevitable End - The Oculus
I don't remember this bands first album in the least. I certainly can't forget this one. The complete 180 into a dissonant death grind band has done wonders

29. No Gang Colors - Triple Six Mixes For Cash
I never really followed Chopped and Screwed music, and this band had two other releases this year with great all original songs, but I couldn't bloody stop listening to this. They take the fun of slowing down songs that are already heavy and add some of that hip-hop feel and it's really enjoyable.

28. Capsule No Ghost
the most upbeat thing on this list.

27. All Pigs Must Die God Is War
I've seen a couple of lists for this year already and they all have Trap Them's GARBAGE record on them, and not this. Why? APMD is the Trap Them KILLA. They are probably the only entombedcore band that even has a right to exist, honestly. No cheesy rock 'n roll bullshit to be found on this banger.

26. Lock-Up - Necropolis Transparent
It's as if Jesse is still with us.

25. Crowbar - Sever The Wicked Hand

24. Total Fucking Destruction - Hater
what's with side projects being better this year? Lock-up and now this? This destroys Brutal Truth's 2011 album. . .and I'm not even sure they're serious.

23. lynch. - I BELIEVE IN ME
they booted Dir off the top 40! (well okay, Blut Aus Nord did that, truthfully) lynch dropped 99% of the nu metal influence and delivered the first great release of their career.

22. Cloud Rat - Fever Dreams
have we found the new Pig Destroyer??? I dunno. We certainly have a contender though.

21. Enslaved - The Sleeping Gods
Enslaved can still play metal, and they continue showing it on this EP. I'm even getting used to keyboard guys Jonas Renske imprersonation.

20. Psudoku - Space Grind
there was so much grind this year, but this remains one of the most unique releases of the year. . . .from none other than Mr. Parlamentarisk Sodomi.

19. Wadge - Grindcore Lu'au
so much fun, this record. Hawaiian themed grindcore, complete with Napalm Death parodies??

18. Blood Freak - Mind Scraper
in a year Exhumed and Haemhorrage released stuff, competition for goregrind record of the year was stiff. . . .but Blood Freak murdered the two of them like Bruce Campbell with a chainsaw.

17. Bologna Violenta - Il Nuovissimo Mundo
CAN YOU SCORE MY MOVIE?!?! God, what a fun record.

16. Dead Flesh Fashion - Thorns
less mosh, but still packs a wallop

15. Barghest - Barghest
this is the best black metal band in America right now. No "post-" garbage, no mixing with thrash, no symphonic cheese, no 20 minute "epics", just black metal. Not polished at all, but not too grimy either.

14. Slash Dementia - Race Against The Machine
They sound more like Nasum than your favorite band that sounds like Nasum does.

13. Blut aus Nord - 777 (sects)
I hasnt' heard this band before 2011. TheDailyGrind recommended them. He didn't say it was like what would happen if Godflesh played fast. I've never heard anything like it. Industrial blast beats and some of the most chaotic riffing in black metal? Sign me up!

12. Pyrrhon - a wonderful servant but a terrible master
why the fuck isn't this on anyones list?!?!?!?!!? I have seen some pretty bland tech death included on peoples lists while they leave this somehow still underrated treasure off. it makes no sense.

11. Northless - Clandestine Abuse
East coast residents, remember the snowstorm of October 2011 that weight down trees and caused them to fall on houses?? This album is a huge tree crushing a house.

10. Indian - Guiltless
Celeste didn't come out with an album this year, so someone else was going to have to release the darkest thing on record this year, and Indian have delivered.

9. Clinging To The Trees of a Forest Fire - Visceral
This band have so much harsh, it couldn't be contained on this EP, they released a split too.

8. Tombs - Path of Totality
knew it'd be awesome from hearing so much of it live over the last year and a half. It did not disappoint at all.

7. Flourishing - The Sum of All Fossils
Human Remains, Discordance Axis, Gorguts and Godflesh combined into one of the most interesting things to come out this year. . . . and the songs aren't even that new. The best is yet to come from these cats.

6. Gigan - Quasi-Halloucinogenic Sonic Landscapes
The best of the dissonant tech-death albums this year. This one doesn't even sound that much like Gorguts at all. They took that shit somewhere else completely.

5. Maruta - Forward Into Regression
did it right. make your best album, break up and leave everyone wanting more. New drummer allowed them to go in a little bit more death metal direction. . .and yet, you got shorter grindier songs out of it.

4. Rotten Sound - Rotten Sound - Cursed
so, can we all agree that this band don't sound like Nasum? I think this has been cleared up with this record. Really, stop it. It's also better than Exit. Suck it, sheep. This is now the best Rotten Sound album. Every song is a banger (even the one that makes you worried they're going Entombedcore)

3. Gridlink - Orphan
so good, it had run away with the #1 spot for half the year. I knew Amber Gray wasn't that good. I told everyone Amber Gray wasn't that good. GridLink came out with this album, and proved me correct by outdoing themselves on such a grand scale.

2. Craft - Void
Craft literally barged into this here top 40 party at the last minute, shoved everyone out of the way and said "fuck y'all, we in here now". All kinds of black metal releases around, but this is the only one this bad ass. If Satyricon really want to stick with the "black'n roll" direction, they need to take a tip or two from this band. They do it correctly, by keeping a 80/20 ratio of black/'n roll. Better yet, they should just say fuck it and combine with Darkthrone if they ever hope to compete. Craft write the catchiest most addictive black metal without having to try so hard to have a bloody hook every song. I dare you to stop listening. I couldn't. . .
. . .except when I was listening to. . .

1. Morbus Chron - Sleepers in the Rift
THE N00BS HAVE IT! Just a total surprise from one of what I'm finding out is one of MANY young old style Swedish death metal bands that have sprung up in the last couple of years. . . .right in Sweden, with a sound that owes far far more to Autopsy than Dismember or Entombed. It sounds like it they went back in time, recorded at Sunlight Studios and then came back to 2011 and released this album. I'd like to think fucking with the time space continuum like that would cause Trap Them to never be formed.

honorable mentions: Dark Castle, Noisear, Concealment, Fuck the Facts, Gride, Self Deconstruction, Buried At Birth, DIR EN GREY, Vallenfyre ,Anaal Nathrakh, Bubblegum Octopus, Marduk, Belphegor, Humanity Falls, Most Precious Blood,

the awards. . . .
top ten GARBAGE albums of the year
1.Mastodon - the hunter hearst helmsley
2.Morbid Angel - celebrating moe bad radi kult bart hard core
fail core radi kult EX TREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEME slap into a slim jim ooooooooooooooh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah
1.Trap Them - Darker handjob
2.Century - Red GARBAGE
3.Brutal Truth - shit time
4.Today is teh Day - pain is a warning that this record is fucking bullshit
5.Fit for an Autopsy - nate left turmoil for this bullshit?
6.Ed Gein - (the fact we didn't just stay broken up instead of putting out this boring piece of shit is) bad luck
7.Darkest Hour - the human romance with sucking
8.Exhumed - All garbage, no glory
no, Lulu doesn't make this list because I didn't bother

Comeback of the Year:
Anaal Nathrakh
they had fallen into aping Heaven Shall Burn and other conduct unbecoming of a band as abrasive as they can be. they still should lay off the singing, but I can forgive that when they're blending the Fukpig sound into it. It's the closest thing to them getting as harsh as the Codex Necro. don't whine about "ashes screaming silence" either. I still like breakdowns, remember?? They almost made top 40 songs with that.

Most improved
Stray from the Path
See how awesome you are when you stop trying to sound like Rage Against The Machine?? Now maybe Century will learn from that mistake. . . .or not.

top ten hip-hop
1.Xrin Arms - Human Hallucinogen
2.p.WRECKS - there is nothing. . . .whatever
3.Low Budget No Budget (various artists)
4.Tyler the Creator - Goblin
5.Himself The Majestic - mexicans cant' rap
6.Quiz 10 & Tah Kid - Werd Slingers
7.Danny Brown & Black Milk - Black & Brown
8.Shadow People - Lurkin' in the Shadows
9.Shadowrunners - 808 Bit Revenge
10.Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire - Lost In Translation

so I want you to take a look at this.
10 releases, 8 are free, 5 come from Grindcore Karaoke, only 2 are studio albums and only 1 is sold at Best Buy
this is where we are
Runners Up: Action Bronson, Danny Brown's other mix tape B L A C K I E, Das Racist and Death Grips


the top 40 songs of 2011:

1 GridLink -scopedog
2 Blut Aus Nord - epitome 2
3 Crowbar - Cemetary Angels
4 Sourvein – society's blood
5 Craft - I want to commit murder
6 Total Fucking Destruction - human is the bastard
7 Dead Neanderthal - the stake
8 Sans AIDS - Dream Trap
9 Northless – sundowner
10 Alienation Mental - follow the perfectcitizen
11 Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire – athsmatic
12 Tombs – Black Hole of Summer
13 Maruta - blood of the luddite
14 Buried At Birth - dumpster diving at planned parenthood
15 p.WRECKS - sleep talking
16 Flourishing - in vivid monochrome
17 All Pigs Must Die - Pulverization
18 Self Deconstruction - Superficial
19 Death Grips – Guillotine
20 Aidonia - dem anuh badman
21 Hooded Menace - Abode of the Grotesque
22 Mastodon - Deathbound
23 Barghest - the rite of isolation
24 lynch. – TIAMAT
25 Indian – benality
26 Shadowrunners - slurrin'
27 Slash Dimentia - bow down and pray
28 Panic Channel - 泣顔フェチ
29 Ringo Deathstarr - two girls
30 Disfiguring the Goddess - Circle of Nine
31 Pop Will Eat Itself - disguise
32 Bologna Violenta – Trapianti Giapponesi
33 Atari Teenage Riot – codebreaker
34 Dead Flesh Fashion - all i need
35 DIR EN GREY - juuyoku
36 Weekend Nachos - old friends don't mean shit
37 Capsule – ton work
38 Wormrot - perpetual extinction
39 Mr. Muthaphuckin Exquire - huzzah remix
40 Glassjaw - you think you're john fucking lennon

in 2012, I hope all the paranoia about the supposed end of the world drives everyone to make the harshest records they can, because they weren't really bringing it last year.

less disappointing new year to all.

(and thanks so much to anyone that downloaded "Because Reality is Shit")


  • Skinnpisker

    Interesting list. Found some new grind here. But where's Wormrot?

    Jan 21 2012, 0h26

    Wormrot are here: sorry I forgot to add that.

    Jan 21 2012, 1h38
  • Rowolta

    Thanks for sharing.

    Fev 26 2012, 4h07

    Just recently stumbled upon your articles, decent list, don't understand the hate for Exhumed and Trap Them though. I would have also included Weekend Nachos and Full Of Hell to the list.

    Jul 27 2012, 21h42
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