10,000 Songs!


Jul 2 2006, 8h12

So...I really should have written this journal post a few weeks ago. I guess I've been putting it off because my little Countdown to 10,000 was largely a failure. I had decided to control what the 10,000th track would be. I compiled what I thought, at the time, to be a noble list. There were 15 tracks the last being the coveted 10,000th song. Now that I look back at The Big 15 playlist sitting in my iTunes, I wonder how over half of the songs made it on the list. While the last few are noble songs and should be on a list such as the one I was trying to create, there are also several "Guilty Pleasures"...This was supposed to be a list of the greatest, rather essential songs in my eyes. It's a dissapointment but here goes anyway.

1) The Wings
2) We Belong Together
3) Holding Out for a Hero
4) Sleep Like a Child
5) Armageddon Suite
6) Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)
7) Christ The Lord Is Risen Today - National Philharmonic Orchestra
8) Canon In D - A Cappella Classical
9) Making Love Out of Nothing At All
10) Funeral Song
11) If You Could Read My Mind
12) The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
13) Time to Burn
14) Simple Man
15) Brothers in Arms

Notes on the tracks:

Obviously, numbers 1,2,7,8 & 9 are guilty pleasures...
While I rank numbers 3,4,5,10 & 11 among the best of the work by their respective artists, they have no place here.
As for the rest:

Lullabye by Billy Joel is an amazing piece of music; beautiful
"Wreck" by Gordon Lightfoot is a must for a boy from the midwest; classic
Time To Burn by The Rasmus describes me as a person; me
Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd is a time old tale; heartfelt
Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits is one of the greatest anti-war pieces EVER written; speachless...
Thats my list. Feel free to leave comments and whatever.

*Artist Links*

Air Supply
Billy Joel
Dire Straits
Gordon Lightfoot
Gustavo Santaolalla
Joss Stone
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Mariah Carey
National Philharmonic Orchestra
The Rasmus
Trevor Rabin


  • Arty88

    funeral song <3

    Jul 2 2006, 10h37
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