• Great Rush Show

    Jul 11 2007, 14h14

    Mon 9 Jul – Rush

    The band is still awesome after all these years, great set list, good new album, explosions, fire, dragons, lasers, animations, and the ever expected crappy Mohegan Sun sound
  • Interesting Dyaln Show

    Jul 1 2007, 4h20

    Wed 27 Jun – Bob Dylan, Jimmie Vaughan

    We missed Jimmie Vaughan, which is disappointing because I am sure I would have enjoyed him.

    First off, I would like to say that Mohegan Sun has bad sound accoustics (in my opinion). Have you ever looked up and noticed the lack of acoustic panels?

    The sound seems best behind the soundboard. We have sat side stage at Mohegan for other shows and the percusive sounds bounce back and forth like a ping pong ball in front of us.

    Bobby is the man. Me and him go way back. He has been there through the thick and the thin of it. I even saw him back in the day when he went on tour with Tom! What a great show!

    Anyway...back to the review of Bob Dylan. Because of my personal impression of Bob Dylan, and my expectations that were stuck in the 80's, I was generally disappointed.

    Granted, Bobby and I haven't hung out much in the last few years, so we had a lot to catch up on. After spending a couple of hours with Bobby, I realized that he was just not the man I remember.

    What I expected and did not get was Bob with his harmonica around his neck and an acoustic guitar over his shoulder. I understood that he would have his band which was great, but surely even a few 'classic' Dylanesqe songs would have whet my appertite.

    But no, it did not really happen. Not being familiar with the lastest albums by Bob Dylan, there were quite a few tunes I did not know. Even some of the songs that were a part of my growing up, went unrecognized for a few seconds before I realized where he was going.

    I don't think he played his harmonica for five minutes the whole evenng, and the acoustic guitar jam?....missed it.
    We were instead entertained with a carnivaly sounding keyboard played by Dylan...who knew?

    Even after knowing the song the style in which he would sing it, and even more the way the band played it was, well...different.

    Don't get me wrong, I love 'different'. I would much prefer to NOT hear the radio version of a song when perormed live.

    If I had been following Dylan more through the years, and had a better understanding of where he was at in his career, then I may have liked the show a bit more then I did, maybe even loved it.

    But the Dyaln in my head was still the 'classic' Dylan of days gone by. He's still Bobby, but I just forgot to take into account that time brings change.

    You go Bobby, alway the man.
  • my last fm?

    Jan 26 2007, 4h44

    it reminds me a lot of Myspace. we have somewhat of a profile, somewhat of a picture and journal capabilities. I have noticed as I browse through the Vast expanse of music that the journal is strongly under used. I have become 'friends' with other members strictly because of what I see on their song list of recently played songs. Even if they are not 'super' compatible, I befriend them nonetheless because of a band or set of songs. Very rarely do I see a journal being used. 50/50 on if the 'user' has a site, and more often then not, the site is just an extension of their with a site utilizing a bunch of plugins.

    Long story short...Im loving just sorta reminds me of Myspace

    y'all check out Stone Lily yet?? ...good stuff
  • Christmas

    Dez 24 2006, 18h39

    really sucks
  • So Far...

    Dez 2 2006, 20h45

    ...So Good