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    fett bögig musik du lyssnar på 3 :3 :3 :3

    30 Jun 8h59 Responder
  • elite-star

    yeahh shingo has such a cute smile too. in joy i wanted to hug him ;;;;;; lately i've been sobbing over kimutaku he's perfect aargghhh

    28 Mai 23h10 Responder
  • elite-star

    ppl probably STILL fap to this

    26 Mai 3h34 Responder
  • elite-star

    https://scontent-b-ord.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfa1/t31.0-8/s960x960/860698_563705556982126_193584506_o.jpg i mean, ppl probably fapped to this

    26 Mai 3h33 Responder
  • elite-star

    in 15 years ppl r gonna look at sexy zone pics from today and be grossed out bc im looking at shirtless pics of smap when they debuted anD I FEEL SO UNCOMFORTABLE.

    26 Mai 3h33 Responder
  • elite-star

    tbh i envy Kaya fans though. He's ALWAYS doing something

    13 Abr 20h17 Responder
  • elite-star

    yeah i getcha' :( Kaya's new band seems cool though.... except my first thought when i heard them was "this is basically Versailles with Kaya on vocals" ==;;;; my favorite bandomen have been joining generic-sounding bands and it makes me sad )'''': i need new people to stan!

    13 Abr 20h16 Responder
  • elite-star

    listening to visual kei seems to be getting harder and harder. noooooo T~T

    1 Abr 19h59 Responder
  • elite-star

    whats the kisumai comm name? the more you look at the cast the more you realize it's such a strange mix of particular celebrities and musicians.

    2 Fev 15h40 Responder
  • elite-star

    and i just realized IZAM is in it too. everything is fruity and nothing hurts.

    2 Fev 3h09 Responder
  • elite-star

    http://www.gineiden.jp/gekitotsu/ i want ur ultra homo fandom to help out my ultra homo fandom by uploading the dvds of the live-action play from this undercover homo anime. hiro from access is in it. and ur kisumai boys play two kind of gay protagonists.

    2 Fev 2h45 Responder
  • elite-star

    right now im taking a synesthetic approach on things. *puts on psych glasses* tell me what color do movies evoke? what colors do photobks evoke? hMMMMMMMM.

    14 Jan 0h12 Responder
  • elite-star

    i'm thinking drama - blue, movies - red, tv - green, or maybe movies are more blue...., i think celebs will be gold (though i kinda wanted them red =w=), photobook - orange? gold?, puzzle - pink? purple? and gifs grey/black

    13 Jan 23h57 Responder
  • elite-star

    drama, movie, tv, celebrity (all worth 1), photobook/promo-puzzle, gif (all worth 2). ideally i wanted dramas, movies, and tv to have all different colors but now i'm not sure

    13 Jan 19h12 Responder
  • elite-star

    i'm definitely doing border color = card type but im not sure if all tv/drama/movie decks should have the same color or if they should be different too. i can always pick out two colors but then the third looks tacky |D then celebrity decks get another color and rare decks get another color too

    12 Jan 22h35 Responder
  • elite-star

    you probably sent us all your snow!! this year it's been more packed than usual! and i want to learn japanese but im bad at self teaching. i think i might take a japanese class with my new jrock loving friend. none of my other friends really care == you should help me decide card border colors. i'm going crazyyyyy

    12 Jan 22h28 Responder
  • elite-star

    that sounds like fun!! here uni semesters start waaaayy too early @__@ we've had snow/ice storms all week! i want to take japanese lessons toooooo *jealousy* )8 i probably need caps from you. you've definitely watched way more dramas than me

    12 Jan 21h49 Responder
  • elite-star

    yaaaaaaay :D i'm busy too =A= just finished my first week of the new uni semester. i think things will only start in may for this tcg

    12 Jan 21h19 Responder
  • elite-star

    i'm in the middle of planning an asian drama/movie/tv tcg if you feel like hopping on board. still in the prelim stages of planning though

    12 Jan 21h03 Responder
  • elite-star

    yeah i was writing on my phone |D i went back on vb last night and i think it's now dead )': i'm playing overdrive, zest, heartchu and loveliness though i think i'm probably gonna quit loveliness. not enough decks i want to collect

    12 Jan 20h23 Responder
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