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  • seasick_dreams

    Not really. I couldn't find another show as good as 'The Heirs" so I just gave up on k-dramas all together haha. What's the one you're watching about? And did you ever finish watching "The Heirs"?

    29 Set 18h47 Responder
  • seasick_dreams

    Cool visuals for "Red Light" but I'm not feeling the song at all..it's kinda all over the place for me :(. I'm gonna put my disappointment aside and listen to the album with an open mind though.

    27 Jul 8h21 Responder
  • Joey-Kills

    Hi, thanks for the add <3

    17 Jul 17h18 Responder
  • seasick_dreams

    Right? What a waste. That teaser pic looks cool...giving me Rated R teas. I'm excited for the new album!

    27 Jun 21h49 Responder
  • seasick_dreams

    Nah, I don't think it's shallow. It's actually cool that music has introduced you to other cultures. Honestly you couldn't pay me to watch a bunch of men running back and forth a field for 90+ minutes if I didn't have some sort of interest in the sport. Lmao I love the homoerotic aspect of soccer. They get so lost in the moment, it's cute lol. NFL is so boring to me. Yeah, Azealia didn't even threaten his wife to deserve that type of retaliation. Well, that's good to hear that it's a grower. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have the willpower to finally listen to it in full.

    27 Jun 4h59 Responder
  • seasick_dreams

    I have 'Ultraviolence' saved as a playlist on spotify but I'm hesitating to listen to it for some reason. Idk, I don't want to be disappointed because I love Lana's discography so much and don't want it to be tainted. What's your opinion on the album? The reception so far seems mixed..

    24 Jun 3h29 Responder
  • seasick_dreams

    Lmao I'm dying here. Only you would find a way to somehow tie music in with sports. Lol I know my reasons aren't any better but that was only intial..once I watched more of their games I did start liking them for their skills..IDK where all that talent went this year though :/. I swear I'm not one of those people that watch soccer for the hot men lmao. Yeah we call it 'soccer' to avoid any misunderstandings since american football is more popular here. The beef was funny until his IG post..shit really hit the fan then. T.I isn't a guy you wanna mess with lol.

    24 Jun 3h22 Responder
  • seasick_dreams

    lol wow you really stan for DJ Mustard despite how repetitive his stuff is. That Jeremih song isn't really doing much for me but I agree the hook is awesome and almost saves the song. I think DJ Mustard's best work has been for YG. I haven't heard "No Mediocre" yet...isn't that the song that caused the beef between T.I. and Azealia? Such a mess.

    22 Jun 2h38 Responder
  • seasick_dreams

    That's amazing that you've managed to ignore the World Cup. I didn't think that was possible lol. Don't tell me you're rooting for South Korea because you like their music nn. I'm not sure about them but I know Australia is out and will be playing against Spain for basically nothing since they're both going home lmao. But Australia put up a good fight against the Netherlands(a very powerhouse team) so you should be proud of your country. Lol I only keep up with the WC so I'm not really that big a fan of soccer. Besides, being invested kinda comes with the territory if you're following any type of sports. Well Spain was pretty kickass the last WC so they caught my attention and I'll admit I initially liked them for shallow reasons...like have you seen some of those Spaniard men? LAWD.

    22 Jun 2h33 Responder
  • seasick_dreams

    lol. That's the problem, I don't know what I like anymore. I'll let you know if I need any recommendations though. Btw, are you watching the World Cup? All the teams I like are dropping like flies. The Spain loss against Chile hurt the most...ugh I hate that I'm so invested lol.

    20 Jun 23h24 Responder
  • seasick_dreams

    Nope I still don't care for PNP. I don't think the video was horrible but it looked really low budget. That theory sounds really far fetched lol. I'm sorry but is this Kimbra song a joke? If this is the direction she's heading for then I don't think I want to check for her anymore. I think I'm going through a musical transition phase or something. I'm just really bored of 90% percent of my library, I cleaned out like my whole itunes. And I don't really have the time to search for new music like I used to :/.

    13 Jun 23h49 Responder
  • seasick_dreams

    Yeah the sound was messy but it was only really bad in the beginning. I liked her set, she definitely put on a show and reminded me why I used to be a fan at one point. fff more like he's trying to play off the fact that he probably got dumped by Rih. The funniest part is that Nicki never misses the chance to remind people of his friendzone status. But let me not rain on your parade. I'll definitely check out Clean Bandit's album. Thanks for reminding me that it's out. BTW I gave SZA a listen and I couldn't get into her music at all :(.

    12 Jun 1h06 Responder
  • seasick_dreams

    Why? It's her weakest single, not to mention she has far better pop songs. The whole thing kinda backfired on her but she can always redeem herself by releasing a killer hip-hop track. nn it's your time to shine now. Dricki was really cute at summer jam just now. I don't know if you watched but he praised her a lot like he always does and at one point, he picked her up and said he could stay in that position all day lmao the THIRST. But where is the respect for SB? :(

    2 Jun 4h14 Responder
  • seasick_dreams

    The fact that two version of "Fancy" are above Nicki's single. This is embarrassing. Nicki should have held out a little longer from releasing. Well there hasn't be any confirmation or anything(not that they confirmed their 'relationship' in the first place), but I'm assuming they're done since they haven't be spotted together in a long while. Apparently Drake was whoring around. I just wanted another collaboration from my two favorites :(

    31 Mai 17h05 Responder
  • seasick_dreams

    Nicki's single is so bad. I should have known she was gonna play it safe and go a more pop route. And mess @ how fast Aubrih fell apart. We can say goodbye to the collab we were expecting. I'm kind of embarrassed I shipped them so hard lmao :(

    29 Mai 4h21 Responder
  • seasick_dreams

    lol thank you! It's the thought that counts :)

    21 Mai 4h23 Responder
  • b-factor

    Accepted. Thanks for the add :)

    18 Mai 21h09 Responder
  • seasick_dreams

    Btw...what do you think of this song? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bA4hmN73aSQ Apparently he's signed to Drake's label.

    8 Abr 18h43 Responder
  • seasick_dreams

    Lol I didn't think you sounded obnoxious. It does have some gems but the album still feels incomplete for me and I can't pinpoint exactly why. I love how polished and crisp her vocals sound on most of the tracks. Nobody's Bidneh could have been a huge hit I think. It's a very catchy, breezy pop song. Chris' lisp cracks me up tho dd. I like your new sidebar. It looks really neat and organized haha. How did you do make those boxes? And that reminds me, I need to check out Katy B's album.

    8 Abr 18h41 Responder
  • seasick_dreams

    Take That/Robbie Williams are probably well known here but I'm pretty clueless when it comes to a lot of music that is considered "classic" household music since I'm not american and wasn't brought up on english music. Yeah I hate that Beyonce and Rihanna are constantly compared and pitted against each other but oh well. I'm listening to Unapologetic(An ode to Chris Brown) and it sounds a lot better than the last time I heard it in full. Not that bad of an album..I hate to admit it but Nobody's Business is one of the highlights on the album. :/

    7 Abr 3h51 Responder
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