My Top 10 List for 2006


Fev 23 2007, 16h18

This year was definitely the year of hiphop...lots of good underground releases were put out, as well as tons of the BIG names releasing surprisingly REALLY good albums (Nas, Jay-Z, Snoop). Metal is starting to sound really uncreative, alot of the shit thats coming out I've heard a million times before, but the really good metal albums that came out were REALLY good. Here goes.

10. Protest the Hero - Kezia. This band's music is super spazzy - it's a crazy mix of punk, thrash metal, hardcore, power metal, and emo. And holy shit, it works well. The music is super-technical, (the rhythm switches constantly, the guitarists do all kinds of crazy shit) but its the perfect mix of technicality and pop-iness - even a pop music fan would be able to like this. The singer is super-talented as well. His singing voice sounds alot like Panic! at the Disco, but its not bad because the music is so good. He's also got a good hardcore scream. Check it out, it's something I can promise you've never heard before. Totally different and awesome.

My top headbanger - "Heretics and Killers"

9. Cannibal Corpse - Kill. This death/gore metal band has evolved so much since their beginning. The production is their best yet - in the past alot of their music was harder to decipher, mainly because of the technicality combined with the lower-quality sound. You hear every note on this album, making it an amazing listen for a death metal fan. Makes me wanna down a bottle of Jager and punch a bitch out.

My top headbanger - "Barbaric Bludgeonings"

8. Ice Cube - Laugh Now, Cry Later. The old-school west coast rapper is back. I was nervous about this cd with all of the family movies he's been putting out lately (as well as the shitty "XXX",haha) but he's still gangsta as ever. The beats are raw as hell, there are tons of bangers on here. One track "Smoke Some Weed" I gotta side with because Cube raps about all the celebrities that smoke. I was alittle scared though, because I saw that Lil' Jon was on a track - but it ended up being one of the best tracks on the album. Straight up banger.

This shit's fire - "Go To Church"

7. Young Jeezy - ""The Inspiration". I've never really been into Jeezy's older shit, and alot of people give me shit for that....but this cd is straight up the shit. The beats are super-dark. Jeezy's flow is so unique - he's really chill and mellow, his flow staying just a little bit after the beat, yet he sounds pissed as you don't wanna fuck with him. This is probably my new favorite tokin' cd...first time i heard this high I pretty much freaked. This is another cd with a guest that surprised me, too - R. Kelly is featured on the rawest track on here.

This shit's fire - "Go Getta"

6. Swollen Members - Black Magic. This underground hiphop group is one of my favorites. Album after album they put out real-ass, quality hiphop. They're last album scared me alittle, because while it was still good, it leaned more towards club songs than the other cds. They're back more than ever now, though, with great beats, smooth flows, and some of their best tracks ever. A really amazing track is "Put On Me" which features Everlast doing some singing over a bluesy beat, but my favorite features Ghostface:

This shit's fire - "Weight"

5. P.O.S. - Audition. P.O.S. is a black dude who used to be in a punk band. Yeah, sounds...different. Now he's in the rap game, and he's ending up being one of the best rapper's I've ever heard. Half the beats are straight up hiphop, and the other half are totally punk-influenced, making this something totally new in the hiphop world. On one track he raps over an Underoath sample, another track features the singer of the 90's punk band The Bouncing Souls. He's a really fast rapper wanna here his speed? Check out this Underoath-sampled track:

This shit's fire - "P.O.S. Is Ruining My Life"

4. Lamb of God - Sacrament. Lamb of God - nominated for Best Metal Performance on the Grammy's and recently getting off of playing on Conan O Brian, this is a metal band that surprised me. I've never been into their older stuff too much either, but a few changes in their sound won me over. The production is the main thing. The sound is alot less "garage" sounding...the guitars make a wall of sound that takes you over. Another change is in the vocalist. I never was really a fan of him before, but on this album his scream is alot more improved. He does low, mid, and high range screams, along with some singing (which he never really did before)....but its singing with balls, not some pussy shit. One of my new favorite metal cd's ever.

My top headbanger - "Walk With Me In Hell"

3. Army of the Pharaohs (self-titled) This is a hiphop super-group. Combining some of the top MCs in the underground east coast- Apathy, Celph-Titled, Vinnie Paz (of Jedi Mind Tricks), King Syze, and Esoteric with tons of guests, this verses are off the wall. The beats are straight bangers all the way through, and combining a bunch of my favorite rappers is destined to be a underground hiphop fucking classic.

This shit's fire - "Battle Cry"

2. The Human Abstract - Nocturne. This is the DEBUT by a bunch of really young dudes. This combination of hardcore and metal ain't no bullshit typical metalcore act. This stuff is on a whole nother level. The songwriting is classicaly-influneced, so In Flames comes to mind. The guitarists are two of the best in the scene right now - non-stop super-fast picking, sweep arpeggios, whatever you want, they play. Constant time-changes and super-intricate guitar lines make you grab your hair and go "WHAT THE FUCK!!!" This is epic, all metal fans and guitarists listen, now - these guys are young...they'll change the face of metal.

My fav. headbanger - "Vela, Together We Await The Storm"

NUMBER ONE - Tech N9ne - Everready: The Religion. Where do I start. If you like any kind of rap or hiphop, DON'T SLEEP ON TECH N9NE!!! Tech's been doing his shit for years, every album stepping his game up...and now he's got the BEST FLOW in the game. and I'm gonna say it - he can EASILY compare to the likes of 2pac, Biggie, whatever have you, man. He does dark tracks, club songs, everything. Half of the time he's rapping so fast you get dizzy, the other half he's rapping at a middle-pace so you don't fall on your face. Yeah, Twista is fast, but he never lets it go - you need variation, and Tech does just that. Between the BANGIN beats, choruses, and Tech's GODLY flow, this album is a rap classic. Past, present, and future, motherfucker. Listen to it.

and I'm out.


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